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In the Motherhood

In the Motherhood

ABC needs a comedy! That is no secret because Scrubs is ending (maybe?), According to Jim is now finally over, Samantha Who?, is a mystery. Thursday, ABC tries again with In the Motherhood, a new comedy about mothers that airs before Samantha Who. Also, I have seen the first episode back for Sam and it is a great one, but here is my review of In the Motherhood.

What ABC says:  In The Motherhood, based on a popular web series of the same name, will feature stories inspired by real life experiences of viewers shared through our website. Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) and Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) come to ABC in the new comedy In the Motherhood, which takes a look at the importance of family and friends while trying to juggle motherhood, work and love lives in an overly complicated modern world. The story focuses on Rosemary (Mullally), Jane (Hines) and Emily (Jessica St. Clair), who represent mothers we all know. Rosemary is a free-wheeling mom who plays it fast and loose when it comes to parenting her teenaged son, Syd. Married numerous times, but currently single, Rosemary lives by her own rules. Much to the amazement of the other moms, her nontraditional parenting style has yielded a son much more responsible than she. Rosemary’s best friend, Jane, is a recently divorced working mother of a pre-teen, Annie, and a baby girl, Sophie, who is just trying to keep her career and home afloat. Having just returned to work after giving birth eight months ago, Jane struggles to find a happy balance – lucky for her she has her “manny,” Horatio (Horatio Sanz, Saturday Night Live), to help out. Jane’s younger sister, Emily, sees herself as the model stay-at-home-super-mom for her two young children, Esther and Bill. Emily’s home is a work of art, and her kids are polite and sweet—everything has its place in her world. Married to Jason (RonReaco Lee), Emily takes parenting as seriously as any mother could. As for the men in their lives, Horatio, Jane’s “manny,” communicates with Jane’s infant daughter through sign language and believes the baby is the only person who really “gets” him. He’s a good-hearted lug who is also much more than a babysitter to the three ladies. Then there’s Jason, Emily’s husband, who is the uptight breadwinner, ready at any given moment to open a vein for his family. He likes his food to be organic and his wife, home and children at the top of their class. Basically he’s an ulcer waiting to happen.

Fun Facts: As stated above this was originally a web series starring Chelsea Handler, Leah Remini, and Jenny McCarthy. Only Handler was set to come back but her duties at E! prevented it. Expect great guest spots from the super funny Rachel Harris and Ken Marino in the first episode and for subsequent ones for Rachel.


Jessica St. Clair

Jessica St. Clair

The Plot in My Words: The series surrounds three woman that are all at different stages in the lives and their parenting. Rosemary is the older mom, that is single with a teenage son and looking. The cougar of the bunch if you will. Jane is the single mom with the young kids of all ages and the important corporate position that prevents here from spending time with them. Then there is Emily, Jane’s sister who is the stay at home with the loving husband and kids who are helpful around the house. Of course all the woman are friends and get together all the time to chat, gossip, and drink wine! Only fun and funny times ensue.

The Good: The show is funny. For the most part. I orignally saw the second episode airing on April 2nd called “Vacation” first and was not that impressed. But then I checked out the actual premiere and I was more than impresssed. The premise is great and the cast is even better. Megan Mullaly is awesome as Rosemary and in the first episode fakes that she has a kid to cut an line and such. Funny stuff. Horatio Sanz from SNL is great as the “manny” of the bunch who help out Jane during the day but on the time off, spend time with Rosemary and eat tacos. Cheryl Hines is great as Jane, and as a long time fan of Cheryl, gives us the most real look as a mother. The funniest stuff for her is when she is at her job. Make sure to stick around for those scenes. The biggest surprise for me was how great Jessica St. Clair is. She takes most of the big and long term laughs and her kids are killer.

The Bad: The second episode is not that great except for the great converstation about Lost with the moms.

Overall: Hopefully this series finds an audience even though it is against Idol this week, and the whole series is as funny as episode one!


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