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I am starting a new weekly post that shows my top Idols for the week going in to the performances. But I want yours too, who is your top contestants and why?

Last week's Idol Top 11. Alexis Grace (middle) was eliminated.

Last week's Idol Top 11. Alexis Grace (middle) was eliminated.

10. Michael Sarver – This guy needs to leave. He does not have a good voice and that is the only reason and the biggest.

9.  Scott MacIntyre – I know he is blind but that is no excuse for making everybody think you are singing the exact same song each week. Change it up with no piano!

8.  Matt Giraud – I am liking Matt more and more but he just does not stand out to me just yet. I am hoping Motown week will be the week for change.

7.  Anoop Desai – I loved Anoop in Hollywood Week and even in the Semi’s but since the Top 13, he has just become another contestants I cannot remember the next day. Last week was a great improvement but for me he is middle of the road.

6.  Allison Iraheta – The girl has a voice. She is so talented but I just wish she came around in a few years time so she could gain so more knowledge about the industry. I do not know why she was in the bottom three and I hope it does not have again.

5.  Danny Gokey – I know that he is America’s favorite good boy but I just do not see what everybody likes. He has a voice and I enjoyed ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ but he is just too ordinary to get my vote.

4. Lil Rounds –  What was up with the judges last week? Lil’s performance was great and I have listened to it like fifteen times already. That chorus was fantastic.

3.  Kris Allen –  This is the kind of music I love, passionate almost folksy tone that Kris brings. He is such a great soul and I can’t wait to see what more he brings. More ballads!

2.  Megan Joy Corkey –  Megan = the new Brooke White. Brooke was my favorite contestant ever on Idol (that did not win) band Megan reminds me a lot of her. A quirky, no-one-like-her voice that is so unique you can’t help but be interested. I hope she is feeling better and can sing great this week.

1.   Adam Lambert – Adam is amazing. Plain and simple. Last week was weird, but the trick was to listen to it without looking, made it more barable. This man is awesome.

So do you like my list? Who is your fave?


Comments on: "My American Idol Hot List" (3)

  1. fkaWinters said:

    I agree with your number 1 all the way! I don’t think anyone can touch him, so why even bother discussing the other contestants…really! However, I also love Danny & Allison! Allison doesn’t have the variety in her music though I don’t think she will be able to mix it up. Danny does have it! If Adam wasn’t in the competition, he might have a real chance ~in my opinion~ of course.

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