Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Here some quick picks for tonight which feature banished people, indian people, missing people, and maybe some dying people. Interesting!



Kings – 8/7c on NBC  Why did you guys not watch last week? What was it that made only 5 million people tune in to this epic story? Well you still have a chance to catch it tonight. If you want, watch the first two hours of the show right here on the great Hulu and then check out tonight’s episode “Prosperity” in which Gath and Giliboa meet in a very tense battle that David must be a part of. It is a great hour of TV and the always great Brian Cox plays a very mysterious role.

The Amazing Race – 8/7c on CBS  This season has been consistently good and tonight they finally leave Siberia for……India. India is probably the most or one of the most visited places on the race and it is always is a very interesting location. Tonight for the speed bump, makeup on an elephant. Fun.

Desperate Housewives – 9/8c on ABC  Could we be seeing a death tonight? I think the chances are very strong for one of the housewives when Dave goes on a little camping trip with Mike and Katherine. I won’t say who it is even though it has already been on the cover of many magazines, because for the slight chance you do not know who it is, it will be a great surprise.

Brothers and Sisters – 10/9c on ABC  This show has been on just a high horse since its movie event and today is the last episode for another couple of weeks. The episode entitled “Missing,” I assume will be out Tommy’s recent run in Mexico. The story I am most interested in though is Ryan’s secret and how Holly factors in to it.

Big Love

Big Love

Big Love – 9/8c on HBO  The honor for the show that has gotten the most consistently great praise from people and especially TV critics is Big Love. Everybody has just been raving about this season of HBO’s best family drama and tonight is the season ender. In the hour, will Bill bid adieu to one of his wifes or could it be two?


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