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Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

Some news came out this weekend that has made me a little suspicious. It is no secret that Juliet is my favorite character on Lost. She is a strong female role that is so complez you cant help but be interested. The actress that plays her, Elizabeth Mitchell, is a great actress that I am confounded hasn’t won a Emmy for her role.


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Elizabeth has been cast in a new ABC pilot V, based on the 80’s sci-fi show. But according to EW, it is only a “guest” starring role and is not a regular occurrence. I am curious to see what role this is because I have read the great script for the pilot and am worried if it is important enough could lead to something bigger or even the end of Juliet. 

But here are the reason you should not be worried:

  1. The pilot films late this month after Lost has wrapped for the season.
  2. She could do both. If V is picked up, Elizabeth could fly out to LA when necessary to film her scenes, similarly to Sonya Walger who plays Penny and will be in a new pilot for ABC as well.
  3. It is only a guest role, for now.
  4. And if you keep on hearing these stories about how Cynthia Watros (Libby) got cast in a pilot, then was killed a month later. That was different. First, it was for a regular role, and it was on a different network.

So, are you excited to see V now and hope it gets picked up? Or are you scared this could be the end for our fourth corner in the great Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet love quadrangle? Sound off!


Comments on: "Elizabeth Mitchell Cast in “V”" (1)

  1. NO WAY!They can’t kill Juliet off LOST. It’s the best female character.

    It’s so stupid!How can they do that?

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