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Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke

Wow! This episode entitled “Namaste” was packed full of pieces to a puzzle that just got put together in a snap. I of course took notes through the whole episode and here is my take, but what did you think?


  • First of all, sorry all for no post for “LaFleur” two weeks ago. I did watched the episode on Wednesday during my trip but just did not have the time to write a post on it. Now onto “Namaste.”
  • I love Lapidus! He is such an awesome guy.
  • Lapidus says Hurley does not think lightening won’t strike twice. Could not be farther from the truth.
  • Well they have always said Lapidus is a DAMN GOOD pilot!
  • The land on the runway that we saw Sawyer and Kate building in Season 3 with Juliet and Danny. I love when we get little resolutions like that. Also, this means we are in a year past 2004.
  • Yea, my SUN is back and she is alright! But the real question is, why did she not jump with the rest of them? That is a true mystery to me and the Damon and Carlton better have a damn good explanation.
  • We also learn, Caesar and Ileana did not know each other before the crash. Good to know!
  • What does Ben know? WE will never know, hehe!
  • Reunion time, 30 years earlier. I do not like this reunion at all and it is all because of the last episode and how well a job the producers did in making us LOVE Juliet and Sawyer!
  • We are in 1977. A really fun time I would guess!
  • How are they going to explain who they are?
  • I heart Juliet and Sawyer. I will say it a million times. She always knows what to do. A sub is coming and Jack, Kate, and Hurley will pretend be on it.
  • Radsinsky. Hard core are loving this. Finally we get to see the mysterious Radsinsky. In case you do not remember, he is the guy that was in the original hatch with Kelvin then Desmond and he is building a hatch model! Awesome.
  • Now we get some badass Jin, now we have had badass Sun and Jin!
  • I heart Sun too.
  • Ileana, we do not know you at all and where is your accent from?
  • Oh no, not again. Ben is up to know good but Sun is always watching.
  • There is Amy or as I like to call her Michelle Dressler from 24 and she is nuturing her baby. What is the baby’s name……ETHAN! Creepy, and may this Amy be the Amelia we saw with Juliet in Season 3 in the Others. I think so.
  • Well we have a hostile in the premises but I think it may just be…….Sayid! What is up with this? Why can’t everybody be together, I want Sayid to be okay and with the group.
  • Hurley wants a rundown and Saywer gives us something to think about, what happened to Faraday? I love that character.
  • We all know if something is going on and Frank is around, include him!
  • Best line of the night, “I lied,” Sun said it after she knocked out Ben. Just brills!
  • How will Sun get back to 1977, or will everybody else go to 2007? I wonder.
  • Side note: the producers are now writing the two hour finale airing May 13th, and they want your input on how to name the end game changing scene. Submit your ideas to and then the will read the winner next week.
  • Radsisnky is not a good man, maybe that is why he shoots himself.
  • Question: How did Sun and Frank get to the other island so fast and then, get to the Barracks super fast?
  • Christinan!
  • Wow, creepy, the picture of 1977.
  • “Follow me” says Christian.
  • “You have a journey ahead of you”
  • Awwkward alert. I love Juliet but her at the door with Jack was awesome but when Sawyer is in the house, just weird for Jack.
  • Love that scene between the two, so great because now there is a new leader!
  • Sayid with……….young Ben. Love it!
  • Great episode, now the producers say we will get back to the more character centric with flashbacks episodes. Classic LOST.

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