Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night was all about CBS and the comedies for me. I got caught up on the last three episodes of both The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother and here is my take on the laffers….

big-bang-theoryThe Big Bang Theory:  Have you heard the news? BBT has been renewed for a third and fourth season! I hear the applause now!! This is awesome news because this comedy has become one of the best new shows that has come to us in the past couple years and by far one of the best comedies. The bast couple episodes have been no exception except maybe the weird and awkward appearance by Summer Glau. Yesterday’s episode especially showed us why we love this show. Two words, Penny and Sheldon. The duo whenever they are on screen always hit the mark. The chemistry between Kaley Cucuo and Jim Parsons is great and whenever Sheldon hates a scheme I get out of the chair and get giddy. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERHow I Met Your Mother:  For me personally, I never watched HIMYM until before last season. I was on a plane and on the TV an hour before we landed they started to play and episode of the show. After 10 minutes, I knew I loved it. The concept, the wittiness, the characters, everything about it made be smile. Now two years later, I can still say the same thing, “I love this show.” Last night’s episode maybe the best episode of the show I have seen (I have seen only about 2 years). It had everything. All the characters were utilized, there was a flashback, we got more info on the overall story, and I laughed super hard. The best part of the episode you may not have seen. When Ted and Lily were having there moments Robin did everything you could think of on here morning show: deliver a baby, give CPR, put out a fire, and more and boy was it hilarious. I love HIMYM, I love Robin, I love Ted, I love Barney, I love Lily, and I love Marshall. It’s just love!


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  1. a series which somehow manages to touch on the injokes and arcane knowledge that the characters it portrays should refer to in their speech.

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