Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Since coming back from my break I have found that catching up on the TV you missed is a lot harder than it looks. Yesterday I caught up with 3 series from Sunday night and they are a mixed bag.

Luke & Margie

Luke & Margie

The Amazing Race: Mike White is the bomb. That is all you need for a reason to love this season of The Amazing Race. After 14 seasons, this show consistantly finds new ways for you to fall in love over and over again. This year with the characters. Mike and Mel are such a fun and crazy team that you have to love, while Margie and Luke are the true amazing team. They do every challenge to the fullest while having fun at it.

The last two episodes have been great. Last night’s episode with the marathon was hilarious and I love how it took everybody by suprise. Siberia is such a interesting and unknown land and that is partially why the episodes have been fun because you get to hear and see things you did not know about it before. Also, Phil in this underwear, genius!

Desperate Housewives:  I cannot say the same about the housewives. The show which had such a great change of pace at the beginning of the year with jump has sort of faltered after coming back as of late. Bree is boring with Orson, I am getting old of Lynette’s family troubles and the Dave storyline is not moving that fast at all. Gaby is getting the same old rich problems and Susan is actually starting to get fun and interesting. And they want to have this show on for 9 seasons. I do not think so. The couple bright spots of the last few episodes: more screen time for Dana Delany as Katherine, the awesome Swoosie Kurtz as Susan’s coworker, have both been great surprises.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe

Brothers & Sisters:  For the show following Desperate Housewives it is the COMPLETE opposite. Since its two hour movie two weeks ago, Brothers and Sisters has shown everybody once again why we love this show. The acting has been just top-notch. Give an Emmy to the whole cast especially Sally Field and Rob Lowe. The show is doing all the right things: getting rid of Tommy, showing more Holly, giving everybody the right storyline including Kevin having problems with Scotty, Rebecca having troubles, Kitty being Kitty, and Nora being in the middle. I am actually loving Ryan. He is such a great addition to the cast and such a fun one. Dave Annable is great again doing what he does best, mixing comedy with drama. Also, thank you for finally separating Rebecca and Justin so they can great better stories out of them. Keep it going Brothers and Sisters because you are on a huge roll right now.


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