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Lost Week 7: Thoughts & Recap

“That is the man that killed me.”



This week Lost was a head scratcher. I call it a puzzle episode. It filled most of the little holes we have from the whole Oceanic Six story and it opened up the story to return to the island full time. The story was interesting, revealed a lot, left questions, and the best part it featured Ben and Locke!

The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham

  • The episode starts with new cast member Caesar riffling through Dharma papers looks like the Hydra station aka Alcatraz. Ileana enters and tells him there is someone he should met. Dun, Dun, LOCKE with the Ajira plane. This happens after the 316 crashed. Great opening. (Interesting note: This scene was meant to be the FIRST scene for this season. It was moved back for the Pierre Chang video.)
  • Of course, John Locke is alive that was obvious.
  • Mention of Frank! He is alive! I hope we will see him soon. And those boats that Juliet and crew went on, they were Locke’s crews boats.
  • FLASHBACKS are back!
  • Tunisa!
  • Locke after he turned the wheel, he is hurt just like Ben. Those cameras have to be Widmores’s.
  • Hospital time. That is one bad leg. Matthew Abbadon sighting! I love him!
  • Now it is Widmore time. Once again more lies, is he good or bad, who knows?
  • We now know that once the things happen on the island in the past, they are implemented into the memory. ie. Charles.
  • Widmore gave Locke, Jeremy Bentham.
  • Lance Reddick as Matthew is just great. He will be along for the ride.
  • More wheelchairs for Locke!
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Sayid, and he is not convinced. Why is he in the Carribean? Little awkward.
  • New York now.
  • Walllllllllllllllllllllttttttttttttttttt! I love Walt. I love when he is with Locke, such a bond going back to the second episode of the series.
  • Dreams about Locke, he is still special.
  • Ben!
  • Santa Rosa!
  • Hurley time and he does not believe Locke. He is there, really!
  • He should not have seen Matthew. Not good.
  • Matt “helps people where they need to go,” I love it!
  • LA! Kate’s turn. She will NEVER go back. Haha, just wait.
  • Now Locke and Matt at a cemetery. Helen is dead. Sad. I wanted to see Katey Segal again.
  • Damn. Matthew is DEAD!
  • Obviously from Ben.
  • Now onto Jack, pre-beard Jack. He is just on the verge of going crazy. I love this Jack.
  • I [heart] Christian Shepard.
  • Now Locke is in distress. He writes the note for Jack that will get him on the island.
  • Bye John! Wait!
  • Ben has to share. I never believe anything Ben says, his words are useless. Only his actions count.
  • Locke still has “work to do”
  • Now bye Locke, But from Ben this time.
  • Back to the Hydra station. Apparently all the people that were on the island alive before, flashed and disappeared on the plane. Not Locke………and not BEN!

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