Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Tonight’s TV has us seeing some new TOP CHEF’s, an extended LOST that brings back old faves, new twists, and an extended episode promising big reveals, and the next 13 on IDOL that hosts my favorite contestant.

Lost – 9/8c on ABC  The episode title says it all, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” Of course by Jeremy, who we know as John Locke who was last seen turing the frozen wheel down under the island. The episode is said to show what exactly happened when he went to the mainland, who he talked to, and how he died. The episode also will bring back some old faves including Fringe‘s Lance Reddick as Matthew, Alan Dale as Charles Widmore, and Malcolm David Kelley as our favorite Lost kid. How will they all be back, who knows, but I do know it will be good. ABC has extended the episode to 10:06/9:06 so we can see all the juicy goodness. Now with all this hype can it possibly be this good. YES IT CAN!

Here is one sneak peek from the hour with two more at the end of the post:

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  It is the end. This season has been great, way better than Chicago, almost on par with Miami. The season brought great food, great locals, great heartbreak, and great triumph. Now it is down to the final three who will cook for there lives in New Orleans. The three are Carla, Stefan, and Hosea. I am of course going to the underdog, the comeback awesome lady, Carla and here is too much success!

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Idol was not on last night and not a lot of people knew it. Now it is back for two hours of the second group of 12 and lets just hope it is better than the first. That was just a terrible week and know there is nowhere to go but up. The second group consists of my favorite Adam Lambert who I hope can break the “theatrical” label and become his own. Also one or my favorite girl, Megan Corkrey (now Megan Joy?) who is such an individual it is great. Here is the full group, pick your faves:

* Megan Corkrey
* Kris Allen
* Mishavonna Henson
* Matt Breitzke
* Allison Iraheta
* Matt Giraud
* Jasmine Murray
* Kai Kalama
* Jesse Langseth
* Adam Lambert
* Jeanine Vailes
* Nick Mitchell


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