Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

barack-obama-bw1Tonight, President Obama is about to deliver the “State of Our Nation” to the Congress. This is a momentous day but with every momentous day there is always one thing that suffers, and this time it network primetime television. There is a limited number of new TV on tonight but there is definitely some great stuff though. Tonight, there are two season finales of two great shows. They are TNT’s Leverage, which had one hell of a part one last week and from what I have heard ends with the best episode of the series to date. TNT is airing the entire series all day leading up to the episode at 10/9c. 

joanna-garcia-privileged_lAlso on tonight is Privileged on The CW. This little gem hidden in a highly completive time slot. The show surrounds a home town girl who moves back home to write and tudor some very rich kids while finding herself. The show has some much charm it is such a joy to watch and it is limbo on wether it will get a second season. Tonight’s episode features my favorite lady Kathy Griffin and she plays the wedding planner to Marco and Keith’s wedding. Also, Megan and Will are in turmoil as well as the Baker family. I love this show!

Obama is preempting the second hour of The Biggest Loser on NBC, a Mentalist on CBS, Scrubs on ABC, and finally American Idol on FOX. Idol will air tomorrow for two hours with the results on Thursday at 8/7c.


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