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1ea7946438238ed412f4b707738140e01Three summers ago, I was in the middle with my obsession with USA Network’s Monk. The show had been on for four years then but I had just started watching and that summer I watched every single episode. That was the same summer that USA paired its vetran Monk with its new comedy/drama Psych. I loved Psych that first summer, it was quicky, fun, and a great summer delight. Then I lost interest when the show came back for a second half of the first year, it got drowned out by all the network TV I watch. From then on until now, I just forgot about it. Now when I found it again this winter. I have fell back in love. The show is just a joy, a refreshing fun show with all the right components. It has humor, serious moments, tender moments, and all the moments in between.

Tonight, the show is ending its third season with a doozy and thanks to the people over at USA, I have seen the hour and I am so glad I did. The episode is entitled, “An Evening with Mr. Yang,” and that title says it all. When the chief gets a letter, she finds it is from Santa Barbara’s most famous mysterious serial killer called the Yin Yang Killer. He is a really crazy killer that tags on person in the department, and takes them on a wild journey to save a person. This time the killer tags Shawn and he is not happy.  

I cried. Plain and simple. More liked teared up but without given too much away. This episode fires on all possible cylinders. It hits the humor, partially thanks to Gus but also Shawn. But it is more about the heart and love. Shawn and Juliet fans will be extatic about the episode and what it means to the pairing. Rachel Leigh Cook guest stars though as a high school friend of Shawn and Gus’s that is no more than friends to one of them. Also, Cybil Shepard returns as Shawn’s mom and plays a very large role in the Mr. Yang dibocal. At the end of the episode the payoff is huge, and the fun does not stop on the journey. And here is another reason to check it out. There is a very, very special mysterious guest star that shows up by episode ends, and I for one was very pleased with the performance. Spot on casting in my eyes. 

All in all, one of the best hours of TV I have seen all week. Check out the Psych season three finale airing after the Monk penultimate season finale at 10/9c and 9/8c respectively on USA!


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