Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Andrew’s back with his ‘Tis the Season column. Here you go!

I didn’t get fired after one week and I am here writing again, this is the longest job I have ever had. I hope to have this job for sixteen years. Speaking of sixteen years, it just happens that Conan O’Brien who hosted his show for sixteen years says goodbye tonight. Conan is moving taking over for Jay as host of The Tonight Show, in sixteen years I hope to be The TV Mad Man.


I am stuck here for fifteen years and fifty-one more weeks so I might as well review another pilot. This week I read NBC’s script for “Mercy.” The synopsis says it is, “a drama about three nurses bound together in friendship by the highs and lows of their personal and professional lives.” While the two lines sound like another medical drama especially for woman the script itself was better than that. The synopsis should have mentioned that the main character was a nurse in Iraq. While there is already ER, Grey’s, and House this will compete with NBC’s other medical drama “Trauma” for a spot on the fall schedule, if NBC doesn’t air it I hope it heads to cable. With a great lead this could be a good show.


While “Mercy” doesn’t have a lead, some pilots do, here is this week’s casting update; Geoff Stults (from one of my shows “7th Heaven”) has landed the lead at ABC’s “Happy Town” while Martin Henderson will get “Inside the Box” for the pilot from Shonda Rhimes.


Possible my favorite genre, reality, had a good week. ABC has begun casting for “Supermanny” the spin-off to “Supernanny”. STOP, A&E has ordered a realty series called “Hammertime” that will follow former hip-hop star MC Hammer and his family, CONTINUE.

This week’s scheduled fun (get it?) is all about Saturday. Saturday is the lonely night on tv with a large amount of repeats, my hope is that with the bad economy networks realize people are home on Saturday and program it. While this won’t happen, here is how I would do it (for the fall.)



8: Wife Swap

9: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

10: Homeland Security USA

While ABC airs football, it is over in November and this line-up can begin. Wife Swap is a cheap show to produce and a return of Millionaire to primetime could be bg. Border Patrol has done moderate and could be good because it is a doc-soap-news series.



8:00: Howie Do It

8:30: Most Outrageous Moments

9: Dateline NBC

10: The Best of Jay Leno

The 8pm hour is cheap and funny. Having Dateline at 9 keeps it out of the way of 48 Hours and the best of Leno at 10 is a free filler.


8: Million-Dollar Password

9: Flashpoint

10: 48 Hours

CBS is in the best shape of all to do a Saturday line-up, MDP skews old and would be perfect here! Flashpoint is cheap to produce and could be a moderate success here along with 48 Hours.



8: Cops

9: America’s Most Wanted

Would FOX ever change this?



8:00: Reba (R)

8:30: What I Like About You (R)

9:00: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (R)

9:30: Sister Sister (R)

Bring back the comedy that made WB popular!!!


I feel the love today and so I am doing something really crazy that won’t happen so quick, I like calling it “merge the networks” today I placed all five networks in my hand and pulled out two and I am going to merge their schedules and make a fall schedule!

Here is what the new network will look like: CBS + FOX = COX!



8:00: Two & A Half Men

8:30: The Big Bang Theory

9:00: House

10:00: CSI: Miami




9: The Mentalist

10: Bones



8: Criminal Minds

9: Lie To Me

10: CSI: NY



8: Survivor

9: CSI

10: Washington Field*



8: Ghost Whisperer

9: Dollhouse

10: Numbers



8: Cops

9: America’s Most Wanted

10: Flashpoint



7: 60 Minutes

8: The Amazing Race

9:00: The Simpsons

9:30: Family Guy

10: NCIS Spin-off*


See you next week for more pilot fun!!!


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