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Lost Week 6: Thoughts/Recap

Jack: “We have to go back”

Kate: “We’re back”




Last night’s Lost was just great. Plain awesome, but I am just a major fan, so that might just be me. I do not think so though. The episode asked a lot of questions, but it was semi-balanced out with some answers. Here is my back-to-the-island episode thoughts:

  • Hey. I know this scene. The episode starts of just as the series starts, Jack eyes open, body on in the jungle, same music, hears Hurley screaming, he runs, then things change. He jumps of the famous Kate/Saywer waterfall to a drowning Hurley. Cool. Then they see Kate.
  • Kate says “we are back,” well that is official. We are BACK!
  • Back to the mainland. Hawking says we need to get things going. Well I am ready. I am still convinced that she is Ellie from the third episode on the island.
  • New Dharma station alert: The Lamppost. Mrs. Hawking answers about five series questions about the island right off the bat. The island is on a pocket of energy like other places around the world. It moves constantly so that is why nobody can find it. That is the reason they were not rescued. Some researches were able to perdict the next places the island would be that is what the station is. 
  • Jack as Eloise about if Ben is lying, her answer is probably. Haha!
  • Mrs Hawking = Lost‘s resident teacher.
  • The big thing from her speech, pockets of energy. Just what kind of energy is key.
  • Time Alert: 36 hours left.
  • I love Desmond’s metaphor. They are all the pieces in a game. Des wants to forfeit.
  • Ajira Airways 316!
  • The results of the plane crash can be unpredictable, just like the show.
  • Jack is special. Oh.
  • John = Proxy for Christian, that is why he was in a coffin.
  • “Leap of faith,” I do that every week with this show.
  • Ben in church. Just weird to me.
  • I love when Ben talks history.
  • This whole episode goes back to Jack being a “Man of Science.”
  • Jack’s Grandpa! He doesn’t look as crazy as Christian.
  • What the hell? What happened to Aaron? Will this be another what Kate did stories? I love it!
  • Jack goes to Simon’s Butcher Shop, that is the same name as Charlie’s dad’s shop.
  • What happened to Ben? He is at a harbor, with blood on his face. Did he just kill Penny? NOOOOOOO!
  • Jill. I love that actress, automatically mysterious.
  • Weird. Putting shoes on dead guys.
  • New cast member alert: Caesar, the guy that comment on Jack’s “loss.” He will be a recurring/regular for the rest of the series.
  • New cast member alert: Ilena, the lady with Sayid. She in the similar situation as Caesar.
  • Well, five out of six Oceanic are on flight 316.
  • Hilarious, Hurley buying all the seats.
  • Jack is starting to believe.
  • Lapidus!
  • I love Frank! He looks different but said the best line, “Were not going to Guam.”
  • It is really hard to tell when Ben is lying.
  • Locke’s note, “I wish you had believed.”
  • FLASH!!!
  • There are back on the island, where is Sayid, Ileana, Caesar, Ben, the others?
  • JIN. In Dharma. Three years later. I love LOST!

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