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Here are my take on the first 12 on Idol and some revenge….

Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace



American Idol:  Last night there was highs and of course some real lows. The people I was expecting greatness from disappointed, some delivered, and some suprised me. Here is the rundown (not is performance order):

  •  Tatiana Del Toro (Sending All My Love) – Crap. That was actually really good. Nice vocals and it was a good performance. If only I did not despise her.
  • Anne Marie Boskovich (Natural Women) – I love her, I love her joy, and her passion. That was not that great, there was some good moments, but overall not that up to par.
  • Jackie Tohn (Little Less Conversation) – She has got energy you have to give her that but with the combo of going first (never a good thing) and the Minnie Mouse clothes equal good-bye. Also, it did not help that the vocals were gone tonight.
  • Stevie Wright – Good-bye teen. That is all I have to say, I wont remember her on Thursday.
  • Casey Carlson (Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic) – I had high hopes for little Casey but she will just have to go back to the bikini modeling.
  • Alexis Grace (No Other Man Like You) – That is what a performance should be. It had soul, it had heart, and is was fun. She is the young mom, with the southern flare, and she is the one girl that performed tonight.
  • Anoop Desai (Angel Of Mine) –  I love Anoop, he is a fun and innocent guy and has a good voice. Really great song and I love his personality. I think he will be the third to go through.
  • Michael Sarver (I Don’t Want To Be) – Another one with a good personality and has a heart. America does hold on to him, but I am afraid there are not enough spots.
  • Stephen Fowler (Rock With You) – Nothing special for me, maybe better luck with something else.
  • Danny Gokey (Hero) – Obviously the number one of the night. He has a great voice and I love  “Hero” but why does he have to his dead wife. I think Kara, Randy, and Paula overhyped him and I think it was partially because everybody else wasn’t as good. I am not onboard yet but I am close.
  • Ricky Braddy (Song For You) – This was the underdog tonight but I am not sure it was enough to get through. I like his voice a lot and his humble attitude.
  • Brent Keith (Something Country) – Just blah for me.





Leverage:  I love this show. Plain and simple. Tonight’s episode was by far the episode episode of the series and there was so much plot development and intrigue in the show. The episode was all about Nate Ford’s redemption take and he wants to get back at Sterling (who we have previously met) and the main boss at the insurance firm that killed his son, Blackpoole played by the wonderful Kevin Tighe. I loved the episode will all its fun and excitement. The ending was particularly awesome. I never suspect that Sophie was only out for herself in that case. She turned that all around in the end when everything was thought to be lost, the team turned around and did what they do best gain leverage! The episode could have ended the season right then and there, but there is still one more hour of the first season and the second will be coming in December. Another plus, Kari Matchett as Fords ex. I love Kari and she is just a great actress.


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