Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

I  cannot even remember the last time there was so much original and GOOD TV on a Friday night. Last night we had the always amazing Battlestar Galactica, an awesome Psych, a funny Monk, the little show that still alive Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and finally the premiere of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

So, what did you watch last night? Did you check out the “actives” or did you go with Monk and Psych? Did you delve into the world of the final cylon Ellen on BSG, or just relaxed to a good scary movie? Sound off below but here is my quick takes on BSG and the premiere of Dollhouse.



Dollhouse:  I have heard this over and over again but I have to say it to, it was good, not great. The first episode of the much geek anticipated show did not excite me like I wanted but it did keep me intrigued to see more (and from what I am hearing it only gets better), but I just hope I will get to. FOX’s has promised to air all 13 episodes shot but with the less than 5 million that watched, can they keep that promise? 

Back to the show, I really liked most of it. The look of the show is just great and the house itself is stunning. The acting was great and the characters were likeable. I really loved Adelle Dewitt played by Olivia Williams because she is just the heartless, awesome boss that I always love. It was a good suprise to see Reed Diamond who I have always enjoyed, in the show, and also Amy Acker as the mysterious scared Dr. Claire Saunders. A breakout star for me is Dichen Lachman, who in her only three scenes stole them with her presence and is real asset to the show. The comic relief was of course Topher who is got this child aspect that is so fun. 

The plot of the show was good. I had read the original pilot script last summer and while I see why they went with this episode, I would have done the other. This pilot was much more about what the show will be like in the long run. Self-contained stories, with the side story of Agent Ballard, and a conflict within the house. The previous pilot was much more getting to know the house and players inside it. I liked the story in the episode but at times it was hard to follow and also slow. Overall, it was a solid start I will at least continue watching for the next couple hours.

Battlestar Galactica: What can I ever say about this show? It continues to amaze me each week and this one was no exception. This hour delve mostly into the final cylon Ellen’s life and how she interacts with others. Ellen is such a strong woman and it is funny to see her in a hard place. We found out that she has a very long history with Brother Cavill and she is the highest cylon being and actually created the others along with the other final models. Also we got a little more of backstory into #7, known as Daniel. I still think that he is Starbuck, and somehow escaped number one’s control and changed his looks to Starbuck, but we will see. The final 10 episodes are on a roll and it is almost a month away until the final jump is taking and they fire up their FTL drives one last time.


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