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Andrew’s Tis the Season

Today here on TV Mad Man, I am launching a new weekly feature. It is called ‘Tis the Season and a friend of mine Andrew will be writing it for each Friday. He will cover some of latest pilot, casting, and scheduling news up until the Upfronts in May. He reads some of the scripts for upcoming pilots and will provide his commentary plus some of his dream network schedules. I want to tell you, that his views and ideas do not necessarily reflecting of mine. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! [Side note: Andrew will be filling in for me from March 2-15th, while I head off to paradise, but that is still three weeks away]

It is that time again, the flowers are blooming (well not yet..) and the scripts are being written. It is time for pilot season with the schedules to come in May. I am always excited this time of the year, I love to read the script and view the pilots, the best part comes in predicting and hoping for schedules.


This week I was able to read the pilot for ABC’s “Flash Forward.” While I tend to be a guy who enjoys comedy and reality I did enjoy the script. The script reminded me of early episodes of “Lost” with the events that occur. I think this would make a good show for ABC but it would be limited and likely expensive. My idea for ABC is to premiere it post “Lost” in January and keep it there as a replacement for “Lost”, which is ending soon.

          Mark Valley who is currently seen on “Fringe” has been tapped as the lead for Fox’s “Human Target” this makes me think “Fringe” won’t return. NBC which I think has the best comedy has put “Community” as a pilot, the show is set at community college, I think this could work well with the Thursday comedies, only time well tell though. Over at ABC, Cedric is back with a new comedy pilot, ABC greenlighed “The Law” (working title), a single-camera pilot starring and executive produced by the comedian.


         CBS recently got the season going strong announcing that LL Cool J would be the star of the new “NCIS Spinoff.” While the spinoff was almost sure to be a hit before, we know can expect it to skyrocket and do just as well as “NCIS” if not better. The show deserves an 8pm slot and those are slim on CBS, and so this week I am building my ideal CBS schedule for the fall.



8:00: The New Adventures of Old Christine

8:30: How I Met Your Mother

9:00: Two and A Half Men

9:30: The Big Bang Theory

10:00: CSI: Miami


I think we all know that “Worst Week” isn’t going to return. After this past Monday’s ratings for “Theory” I think the show, which is already strong at 8, should move post “Men” so it could become the next “Men”. “Christine” is nearing syndication, and while the ratings are okay, they could be better; I see this show returning in the fall just to reach syndication.



8:00: NCIS

9:00: The Mentalist

10:00: Without A Trace


This line-up works, I can see “Trace” airing here just for one or two more seasons so that is can have a series finale.



8:00: Rules of Engagement

8:30: Gary Unmarried

9:00: Criminal Minds

10:00: CSI: NY


While the comedy happy hour is doing just okay, it should stick around. These two comedies fit well together and could do better than they have this season. The rest of the night is strong and can stay the same.



8:00: NCIS Spinoff

9:00: CSI

10:00: Cold Case


While it may seem like a shock to remove “Survivor” from Thursday, it is about time. The “NCIS Spinoff” could have good promotion here and have the lead-out of CSI is good. While “Eleventh Hour” has done just okay post “CSI” the slot needs to be filled with something else, it wouldn’t polite to “CSI” to launch a new show at both 8 and 10.



8:00: Ghost Whisperer

9:00: Flashpoint

10:00: Numb3rs


This line-up works, my only thing is when CBS does specials they should do them from 9-11 to reduce the number of repeats.



7:00: 60 Minutes

8:00: Survivor

9:00: House Rules

10:00: Streets of San Francisco


CBS needs a new Sunday and this I believe is it. “Survivor” is strong when it has its finales here, the show could easily beat “Extreme Makeover” on ABC. When “Survivor” is off the air I think “The Amazing Race” should air. “House Rules” needs to make the air this fall, and “Survivor” is a good lead-in for it. “Streets of San Francisco” while it has yet to be ordered to pilot could work well on CBS.


For those of you who stuck around to read this you are in for a special treat, my ideal Monday/Tuesday line-up for ABC in regards to “Dancing with the Stars.”


Monday (Fall & Spring)

8:00: Dancing with the Stars

9:30: Surviving Suburbia

10:00: Brothers & Sisters


This really depends if “Surviving Suburbia” hits, which I hope it does because we need a family comedy again. Regardless, it is time for “Brothers & Sisters” to move away from Sunday.


Tuesday (Fall & Spring)

8:00: Ugly Betty

9:00: Dancing with the Stars: Results

10:00: The Witches of Eastwick


“Ugly Betty” is still good but needs the juice of a new night, this line-up flows really well as long as “Eastwick” is good.


Monday (Winter)

8:00: The Bachelor

9:30: Survivor Suburbia

10:00: Brothers & Sisters


“The Bachelor” is strong, not as strong as “Stars” but this night should still be stable.


Tuesday (Fall & Spring)

8:00: Ugly Betty

9:00: Castle

10:00: The Witches of Eastwick


As long as “Castle” does decent now it should return.


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