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Lost: Week 5 Recap/Thoughts



Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Staples Lewis in Lost

Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Staples Lewis in Lost

What did I just watch? That episode of Lost entitled “This Place is Death” felt like it was a half season’s worth of reveals in one super fast plot-moving machine. As always, here are my notes from the episode in order that they appear. What did you think?



  • The episode starts off with badass Sun as I call her. She gets her call from her little daughter who is not going to the island. That is hard for a mother to leave her daughter, will she ever see her if she goes back?
  • Ben reveals to Sun, “He [Jin] is not dead,” that changes everything for her. Everything! But how can Ben prove it?
  • Back to Rousseau and team. That is one beautiful beach and I have been there! That beach is ironically two minutes on the same road from the place that serves as New Otherton.
  • The year is 1988, 16 years before the crash, a month before Alex’s birth. That also changes a lot for the series.
  • Just to clear things up: the blond is Montand, who we know loses his arm, the black haired guy is Robert, Alex’s dad, who we know Danielle killed.
  • Mention of the radio tower, that was so allusive in the first three seasons. Now, it is just another island spot.
  • Oh not good, Monster then someone disappears. Bye Bye Nadine.
  • A big look at the monster this time. It lives underground in the ruins or “temple,” wow!
  • Finally, Montand lost his arm that is five years in the making, 16 years in the past.
  • What are those buildings with the hylogrphics? I know! Something that will hopefully be revealed, not tonight!
  • FLASH!
  • First we see of Jin flashing, he does not like it.
  • Blake smoke alert. That is the first one we heard about that Rousseau lit.
  • Alex will be take in this spot by Ben.
  • Robert says the monster is “a secruity system” at “the temple.”
  • Danielle = crazy lady = bye, bye Robert
  • The two bros unite! Jin and Sawyer together again!
  • Another look at Charlotte and how she speaks Korean, just a weird language to know. I feel bad for Rebecca Mader, that must be hard to remember.
  • Locke has a mission and a destiny now, and I think I like him more for it. I have never been a John Locke guy but the character is stronger.
  • Ben is losing and he knows it. How is he going to get Sayid and Kate back, next week will be the test.
  • You have to remember, the island stuff is having three years previously to the off-island, so when will the jump to coincide the timelines occur.
  • The flashes are getting faster and stronger.
  • Nosebleed Alert: Sawyer
  • Charlotte: “This Place is Death”
  • LA traffic is bad, 30 minutes is not 30 minutes.
  • Ben is a puzzle, and he loves the island so much and nobody knows how much he does.
  • Charlotte talks like when she was a child. Her story is unfolding.
  • Charlotte mentions, “Turn it up, I love Geranimo Jackson.” Love it!
  • So, Charlotte grew up on the island with the Dharma Initiative, she left with her mom, never saw her dad again. She made it her life’s work to come back, but when she did, she knew she would die, because a man told her if she ever came back she would. That man she says is Faraday. What?
  • Locke’s promise will technically not be broken in the end.
  • Locke is in the dungeon, the frozen donkey wheel
  • Bye Charlotte for good. This is sad because I love Rebecca Mader and Charlotte. *sniffles*
  • In Season 4 Christian or Jacob said to Locke he had to move the island but Ben did. That is why bad things are happening.
  • Eloise Hawking is important very. 
  • Locke still could not do what he needed to do by himself. He had to enlist Ben.
  • Sacrifice, big word on the show.
  • Another wheel turn, not as exciting as Ben. The wheel rotating back and forth when it was out of wack, is that why there were all the flashes, now will they stop?
  • Desmond!
  • I am ready to “get started” now!

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