Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Another full load of TV on the best night of the week. Here are my picks….



Lost – 9/8c on ABC  Tonight on my favorite show in the whole wide wold, there will definitely be surprises and some things are suppose to happen they will have impact for the rest of the season. I am not going to disclose what I know, even what I know from ABC, because I fell sometimes they over hype something with things that don’t need to be said. If you know what I am talking about from the promos, you know how I feel. Why does ABC reveal something that could be an amazing surprise. Well anyway, tonight Jin gets to know Rousseau and her team, and the islanders go to The Orchid. Also, Ben and Sun have a big confrontation.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  Tonight is often the most touching and teary eyed episode of AI of the season. Tonight, Hollywood Round is done and that means the remaining contestants have to take that long walk up the elevator to the little chair with the now four judges in front of them. Then they get the news and hopefully it will be good. Remember, the episode is two-hours tonight.

The New Adventures of Old Christine – 8/7c on CBS   After what seems like an eternity, the very underrated CBS comedy is back on Wednesday night. Julia-Louis Dreyfus is amazing, and that is not just because she came from my second favorite show of all time. Tonight, when all the men in Christine leave for a day, she needs to prove that she can live on her own. Awesome.

Life – 9/8c on NBC  Please watch Life. I really beg of you. If you like procedurals and if you don’t you will enjoy the show. The show is so much fun and is a great take on the procedural. In Life news, when the pregnant Sarah Shahi goes on maternity leave a certain Gabrielle Union will work along side Crews for more than a couple cases. Tonight, a rocker of a famous band is suffocated and I am sure there will be some groupies hot for Charlie Crews.

life_on_mars_us_titleLife on Mars – 10/9c on ABC  What is with all the “L” shows on Wednesdays and they are all so good! Life on Mars is another one that you should watch. Although I have not been happy with the last two episodes I have hope that it will get better. But I am worried that is going to sleep slowly is that I heard that the panel at NY Comic-Con for the show had only 10% attendance, not good. In this hour, the crew in 1973 delve into the rock world of that year when people in that world get some worthy death threats.

Top Chef – 10/9c on Bravo  The cooking competition is having its last episode in New York City tonight. Sad is it not because NYC has proved to be a great spot to host this amazing competition, that is defining cable ratings odds. Tonight in the last episode before they head out to New Orleans for the big finale with part one next week.


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  1. I was looking for this. Thank you for spending your time to write this.

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