Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

What was on last night? Well here is what was, and how it was….

Fringe:  This is the perfect example of a show that was going in as a hyped up series, performed okay, had problems, fixed them, and is must see TV.  The major problem with Fringe going to the new year was that, why should we care about the main character Olivia? All we had seen of her was a woman that was angry because her boyfriend is a traitor. Doesn’t that happen to a lot of people?  Now as soon as we got from the break, we got a little piece of her personal life with her sister and niece. Now as we come to the end of the mid-winter stint, we care about Olivia, we want her to succeed and that was what made this week’s episode so great. It was all about Olivia and her mysterious connection to The Pattern. My theory: Olivia was part of an experiment with someone when she was a child, that is why she was given that medicine that Nina Sharp talked about, and why Dr. Jones is fascinated by her. Well, that is my stupid theory. Overall, this episode was awesome, everybody had great parts, there was drama, and emotional moments. Too bad the show won’t be back until April 7th.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert


American Idol:  Wow! There was actually singing, 27 performances to be exact. My favorite of course was Adam Lambert. He has vocals and I am worried that because people know him as “the Wicked boy” it will hurt him in the end. Of course, there was other great ones too. I love Danny Gokey, except for the fact that he exploits the fact his wife has died. Another surprise contestant was Scott McIntyre, the blind piano player that did a great rendition of “Home.” I am really excited for this season, and tomorrow should be a powerful episode if  it was only one hour, but alas two. Also, I do not like the new Top 36 format, and the producers will see it was a mistake soon.

90210:  A lot of improving shows on last night. 90210 has also improved greatly in thanks in part to the more powerful and hard-hitting story-lines. Adrianna story is the best even though it was noticably absent tonight. Jessica Lowndes has such a great potrayl of the ex-drugged up preggo teen that makes her so real. Also, Silver is become more tolerable with her love for Dixon, even though I don’t really like their relationship. A couple pluses in the episode, it was nice to Matt Lanter again, I have always liked him throughout the years, also the sorta end of Annie and Ethan who are so bad together, and on the opposite end the reuniting of Navid and Adrianna!  90210 does not return until March 31st at 9/8c, so get ready for some Tori Spelling!


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