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What did you watch last night? Here is my take on last night…..



24:  Maybe it is just me, but has this season just been consistently great? I think it definitely has. This week’s hour was full of trial and tribulations for Jack, Renee, and the team. Jack, Bill, and Renee finally met President Taylor just in time for Dubaku to call and say that he has got Henry and of course Jack wants to fix that problem. The show finally gave something productive to do with Larry Moss by bringing him into the fold with Renee. Speaking of Renee, she was tested this week with having to torture a woman and her baby to get information. This brought light to maybe she isn’t ready for what is Jack Bauer. There was no Chloe or Tony this week, and you could feel it at some points. Next week, is the first episode they shot after the writers strike and I am interested if you can tell the months break between minutes of show.

Trust Me:  As you know, I was very impressed with last week’s episode of Trust Me. There was a centered story about thumbs, it was funny, and compelling. This week’s not the same. There was no story. It was pretty much just about Sarah’s problems and that was starting to get on my nerves. There was no ad, no central idea. Although, there was so good stuff including more Sarah Clarke, finally seeing the infamous Donna Murphy, and the great rival ad guy. Plus, who knew Jason O’Mara would have such a big role in this series after he had died.

Kyle XY:  On the other hand, this was a much improved hour of TV but on a whole other show.  This week’s Kyle XY, was about saving lives. After Kyle, Josh, and Nicole get in a car accident with a pregnant women. The boys have to help give birth to the baby on the side of the road but they had much bigger problems. Nicole was seriously injured internally in the crash and was rushed to a hospital. The episode was great until the writers felt they had to have Latnok in the hour. Couldn’t it just have been an episode abut love, tragedy, and everything in between with out to science fiction. But I do love how much Kyle cares for the Trager’s, and that is the real strength of the ailing show!

heroes_logoHeroes:  On yet another hand, this was not an improvement (I am seeing a trend here, highs and lows). Heroes disappointment me somewhat this week, with its bad writing. That is the problem and I really hope Bryan Fuller can help solve that in a few weeks. The writing and dialogue was just so chopping between the characters at the plane crash site, it was starting to hurt my ears. However, not everything was bad. I really love Nathan in this postition, and I hope we still see more of Mama Petrelli (Christine Rose), because she is just plain awesome. But the best part was seeing Dan Byrd back on TV, who was just awesome in Aliens in America, and plays almost the same shy character her. Still hoping we will see improvement but who knows.


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  1. I have to agree that the relationship between Kyle and the Tragers is one of the things that make this show so special. This episode resonated everything in Season 1 that made me fall in love with this show. This was a great episode but then I think they all have had something great about them. The cast have said this has been their favorite season so far……’s a shame it may be the last.

    This show could continue on for several years if it was taken over by the right network. That is what we are working for with our campaign. If you are a Kyle XY fan, check out to see how you can help us try to SAVE OR MOVE THE TUB!

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