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00021460Tonight on ABC, two old companions start to come together for some special reasons. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice begin to crossover into each others shows. I have seen tonight’s episodes of both Grey’s and Practice, and what ABC has been calling the start of the crossover is merely a phone call. That doesn’t mean it isn’t successful. 

The basis of the crossover will start with Practice. Addison’s brother Archer played by Grant Show, returns to LA and carries a big problem with him. After a great night with Naomi leeds to a scare. Archer has a medical problem which is so serious (I won’t disclose what it is here) that it requires Addison to call Derek back in Seattle to help. 

Overall the episode of Private Practice is solid. The other cases and stories are great and once again I was sobbing multiple times. It wasn’t the best but not bad. Violet is once again grappling with the idea of being pregnant. When she tells both Sheldon and Pete, they give one reaction that was not expected by her. The best story though was that of Cooper. He is so sweet, and even sweeter when he is with a kid. A little girl is left in the practice by her parents before her surgery to finally be able to walk freely after a car crash. He fights for this sweet little girl with all his heart.

First, I should mention that I do not watch Grey’s Anatomy, I have seen it a couple times and read enough about it over the years to know all the characters and what is going on with them. Now onto the episode, I quiet enjoyed it. It was funny and more soapy than the former but it did have some heart and tenderness. In the hour, Derek is preparing to propose to Merideth but since everybody knows except her it is hard for Derek to find the right time. Jennifer Westfeldt starts her guest stint also tonight as a pregnant women who runs over her husband, not fattally, but then has some complications of her own. The best parts for me though were Chandra Wilson who is so sweet and adorable, and Jessica Chapshaw as Arizona and Callie together. I love the girl-girl story line and find it so rare on TV other than The L Word. I was sad to hear the news early the season about Brooke Smith, I love her. 

I do recommend this event and hope when the actually “crossing-over” begins it will get even better. Grey’s Anatomy airs at 9/8c on ABC, and Private Practice following it tonight.


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