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Lost: Week 4 Recap/Thoughts

Sorry for the last post, but today was not that great of a day. On the other hand, this week’s LOST which was the first I actually saw live for the first time this season, was as usually revealing and amazing. Here is my thoughts that I had throughout the episode.




  • As on in the second episode, it starts off three years before on Penny’s boat and once again Jack and Kate are still constructing the lie. I did not know that they took so long to create the lie and they really thought it through.
  • So, it was Kate’s idea to have her keep Aaron, and not just what had to be done. Kate is really a nice lady.
  • Awww, Sun, Kate, and Aaron together. Sun is like Aunt Sun to Aaron really because Sun took care of Aaron all the time the island for Claire.
  • Whoa, Sun is a badass and I love it. She really hates Ben is serious about killing him.
  • Back on the island again! Charlotte does not look good. 
  • Daniel calls the problem, “Really bad jet lag,” haha. What is it, I want to know!
  • It is lawyer Norton again played by Tom Irwin who was on 24 this week. Here is hardcore, and says Kate will lose the boy.
  • Now some relief for Sawyer, Locke tells him that Kate and the others are alive. I love Sawyer.
  • Who, Sayid had a lot of horse tranquilizer in him. Oh and it is Stephanie Niznik, I love her as and actress, but she has a really small part her.
  • Funny, Hurley in a jump suit. Looks happy in there. 
  • Sayid, Ben, and Jack together again. The badass trio!
  • Everything is coming together with the O6 but there will always be more hiccups.
  • The island group sees a light, it is the light that Desmond turned on when Locke was banging on the hatch in Season 1. Memories!
  • Nosebleed alert! Miles now, does he have history on the island too?
  • OMG, classic Lost. Kate and CLAIRE, a great moment for the show and poor Sawyer.
  • Now a mention of Boone, Shannon, Charlie, oh the memories are coming back.
  • Also now a mention of Rose and Bernard. What did happen to them? I hope they are okay.
  • This flash I think took place in the future, after the people who left returned and the first mention of Ajira Airways. The airline that has been in the ARG game this year.
  • Juliet has some skills with the gun now. Lost is so beautiful when in the water.
  • This whole episode is like Aaron centric. I have a feeling he is very important to the overall story.
  • It is Carole Littleton. This makes me miss Claire even more, and she doesn’t know about Aaron. I hate how they throw you off . That is a rather big coincidence.
  • So Noton might be an other. Well that is a shocker. He looks like someone who would work for Ben.
  • Juliet and Sawyer are so the next couple!
  • My favorite line, “What’s done is done!”
  • OMFG. Juliet has a nosebleed. If she dies I will stalk Darlton and hurt them. I love Jules.
  • Another OMFG! Jin is back and with the French people. We knew he would be back but not this soon!
  • What I had suspected. Ben is the one trying to get Aaron so he can come back, and we are in for a confrontation with Sun!
  • Also what I had expected it is Danielle Rousseau!
  • Great Episode, next week it is “This Place is Death.” Here is a promo:


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