Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Wow, that was a lot of TV and I haven’t even watched everything yet. Well, here is my take on what I have accomplished…

Kyle XY:  When I heard the news that Kyle XY was cancelled, I was sad but it was excepted. The show isn’t the little show on the little channel that defied expectations and was a family show that hit. It was about the family dynamics and not about the sci-fi. As we entered the second season, Adam resurfaced, Jessi was brought in the picture and the sci-fi element became prominent. Now in the third and final season, Kyle XY is not the same. It is not a bad show, but not what it was. I did like last night’s episode. It was about male bonding, and come on, how long was it before Kyle got drunk. Now that ending. It ended with Foss telling Kyle that Adam Baylin is dead. Now, maybe it is just me but I cant even remember what was up with Adam last, and that is the problem.

Monica Potter; Trust Me

Monica Potter; Trust Me



Trust Me:  This is how a show improves. Trust Me went from being a plain drama/comedy to a fun entertaining hour of drama and laughs. The characters are good, the story was good, and the look of the show is really awesome. The tagline this week was hilarious with “thumb” and the lisb, and the masturbation comments were really funny and in a really appropriate way if that is possible. I really love Monica Potter who is really quirky and funny and I hope it doesn’t get old. Great hour and I hope people stuck around to see that.

Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan



Chuck:  Did you watch it in 3D? Did you watch it? I hope you did even if it was only in 2D like I did. It is back and it is as good as ever. Dominic Monaghan is back on TV and pretty much as the exact same character as pre-island Charlie on Lost.  Chuck is a show that is just a joy to watch. There is nothing that makes you mad or angry. It is a show about relationships and people and that is what a show should be about.  I love Buy More. I want to work at the Buy More. Morgan, Jeff, Lester, Mike, and Anna are great and I am so glad they are all regulars now. The Bus was a great guest star surprisingly and he fit right in to the group. I am glad that they addressed the Sarah-Chuck problem right in the first episode back. A knockout on Monday!

Heroes:  When the strike happened last year, Heroes was one of the many surviving shows but was certainly a victim. NBC made the decision to not air any episode after the strike and wait until September. That was a bad move. The show came back to a very convoluted and messy plot that did not go in the direction needed. With this fourth volume entitled “Fugitives,” the producers (a lot have been let go) look to make the series more of a character drama again. They did somewhat accomplish that last night. 

Heroes started off like it did on season 1 with the characters leading normal lives, but that did not last long. That was one mistake. I wish we could have least gotten one episode just about that. The episode was solid though. I liked how they focused on every character and that there was not that much super powers. I know that might sound weird seeing that this is Heroes, but I feel sometimes it is too much about the powers. The story is off to a great direction and I hope it stays strong. One great addition, the hunter played by the always scary Zeljko Ivanek!

24:  This was a classic. A conflict that was interesting, the government working on it, not knowing what is going on, and Jack tackling it head on. I loved this episode. Even the side story with Henry Taylor was interesting, and you know it is the young guy with Kanin that is the mole. My feeling at least. I also love Jack, Renee, Tony, Bill, and Chloe. They are the perfect team and if only the awesome Janis could be added to that list. She had heart this episode with the plant manager. This was really the launching point for the second part of the season, a new threat tied with the old.

What did you watch? Did you catch the premiere of Medium and The Closer or all the shows I haven’t gotten to yet like The City, Gossip Girl, Worst Week, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother?


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  1. I’m terribly saddened and angry at ABC Family’s decision to cancel Kyle XY. It’s my favorite show and the only reason I tune into that network. Consider my viewership of ABC Family canceled as well!

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