Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Tonight, the story is on the bowl, that is the 43rd Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals are battling the Pittsburgh Steelers which I hope will be a better battle than last year’s competition. What most people are looking forward are the ads. This year was the highest grossing ad year for the Super Bowl according to NBC who is hosting the game. Just for your pleasure here is the new promo from the game for the new JJ Abrams movie Star Trek:

Looks good doesn’t it? 

Of course, NBC is going all out for the game. Expect commercials for every single one of there shows multiple times, while the struggling network tries to find viewers for their low rated shows. I for one am excited to see new promos for Kings (3/15 on NBC) and the first promos for Southland (4/9 on NBC). NBC like every other network who hosts the game is airing one episode of one show after the big game. The honors go to…..


That is right, their most highly rated comedy is getting a bumb tonight which I have heard it back to classic Office. The episode hosts cameos from Jack Black, Cloris Leachman, and Jessica Alba, and hosts all the usually antics. The episode entitled “Stress Antics” promises to be a great hour of comedy masterpiece but don’t expect it to be perfect because as you know it usually never is. Here is a clip of tonight’s hour:

After all that if you are not a fan of the bowl, for the first time in years a network is counter programming, That gutsy move is being made by ABC who is airing two special episode of their summer hit Wipeout. The show that puts people with Big Balls, the Sucker Punch, and more should provide great fun. ABC will be airing the special “Wipeout Bowl” during the time the half-time show airs on NBC. Another episode will air after the game against The Office. Have a super day and here is a sneak peek of the balls!



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