Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

As there is not that much new shows on tonight due to the fact networks are saving up for February and March, I felt there was no need for a long post, but there is still some note worthy ones to mention.



CSI – 9/8c on CBS  After last week’s first episode without William Peterson, I thought CSI has hit a stride. Even without the man, the show is still fun, interesting, and suspenseful thanks to Laurence Fishbourne great Dr. Langston. Tonight, the team investigates the death of one of their own undercover agents, which creates a manhunt for the killer

Burn Notice

Burn Notice

Burn Notice – 9/8c on USA If you are not watching as USA calls it “the hottest show with the coolest spy” you should be! If you don’t know what it is about, it revolves around Michael Westen, a ex-spy who was burned. Which means someone put a burn notice on him and banished him to Miami, which isn’t the worst place. He is there with two of his best friends Fiona and Sam who help him help people while he tries to find who burned him. Tricia Helfer recurs as Carla, someone related to the burning and is awesome. In this hour though, Michael, Fiona and Sam act as car stealers to help a high school kid from getting beat. Also, Michael and Fiona continue investigate who exploded Michael’s loft.


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