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Quick Thoughts on Damages

I am pretty sick right now, so I went to bed kinda early, but here is my take on….

Damages:  Were you shocked by that ending as I was? Daniel Purcell is a wild one. He has made us think he is a grieving widow, a old friend and lover of  Patty, and now he is a lying, manipulating, wife-killing man, and I love it!  Damages continues to surprise me. When you think something just happened, they manage to twist it to make you think otherwise. This was a slower pace episode than previously and I understand the complaints by some that say the show is off to a slow start than the previous season. One thing that stood out for me this week was Darryl Hammond from SNL. What? What an odd casting choice that worked. He was super funny when being serious, but that is Darryl!


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