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Lost: Week 3 Recap/Thoughts

I took some notes while watching Lost last night. Here they are….


Charlotte, Lost

Charlotte, Lost

  • Oh, Desmond, you are such a great character. The village he is in looks a lot like the village the Oceanic 6 washed up in after they meet Penny.
  • Penny is having a baby! Good for her. Sonya Walger  who plays Penny has actually been cast in a new ABC pilot Flash Forward, which I have read the script and could be a big hit. Hope she can still stay with Lost if picked up.
  • Observation: Lost does one other thing great. When talking about something such as an island, they make you think they are talking about one island but are actually talking about something completely different.
  • Oh, Charlotte. You days are numbered I feel, if only you could stay, because I sure do love Rebecca Mader.
  • I do have a theory about Charlotte: Charlotte is having these nose bleeds because she does not have a constant. I think she was born on the island and at certain flashes, there are two Charlotte because her child person and her now grown up one and as we all know there can not be two.
  • Ellie that gun-toting crazy accent lady does have one crazy weird accent.
  • Desmond does have to be careful with Penny, because remember Ben is out to kill Penny because Charles killed Alex.
  • Wow, a hydrogen bomb! The US did do testing on remote islands in the 50’s in preperation for more world wars after WWII.
  • I heart Faraday and Charlotte. They are awesome together but his love to her was kinda obvious.
  • I also heart Juliet. She always has an answer for everything and I love it.
  • Is Daniel Faraday crazy? But is it a good crazy? Yeah. I still love this guy even though he put someone in a coma. 
  • Charles Widmore is a weird one. He is one of the most allusive people on this show.
  • Love this dialogue: Juliet – “Richard has always been her”  Locke – “How old is he?  Juliet – “OLD”
  • Over at the TelevisionaryBlog he has a great theory about Ellie, that I think works. Check it out!
  • Jughead is a….bomb. That was a little anti-climatic.
  • OMFG! The biggest reveal of the night. Charles Widmore was on the island and was a other! Awesome.
  • Dan’s mom lives in LA. Well that almost makes it a sure bet to be Mrs. Hawking.
  • Richard and Locke are the new tag team. Great pairing. 
  • Another mention of Jacob. This mystery is getting old for me, without any new answers about this thing.
  • *tears* Oh, Des and Penny named there baby Charlie. Brilliant move!
  • The year is 1954, wow, Charles is like in the mid-seventies in the future. He looks good for 70.
  • As we saw last season, Richard visited Locke as a kid. Now we know why.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Charlotte needs to survive!

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