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Fringe:  I love Fringe. This episode put me over the edge.  It had an awesomely cool scary case and had overall character and plot developments.  We got more into Olivia’s personal life with her sister Rachel, who played by Ari Graynor looks similar to Ana Torv, and we got to look into Walter’s past with the mother of the girl he killed. Which created a great scene for John Noble. On Twitter, people were commenting on how much a like Chuck taking in the intersect on Chuck looked like the opening of this episode. That was the first thought that came into my mind. I only wish Zachary Levi was the guy on Fringe. My only problem, no Blair Brown as Nina Sharp, where is she? Well, there is always next week.

Leverage:  I don’t know about this show anymore. I enjoy it but it is starting to get old or maybe that was just this week’s episode. I didn’t not feel connected this week like I did previously and I think that was partly because of the client. It was great to see  Sam Anderson on TV as something other than Bernard. Not that much more to say, other than I hope it gets better.

Homeland Security USA

Homeland Security USA

Scrubs:  Funny, funny stuff. Scrubs this season has been consistently funny and I have enjoyed each episode. Last night, was no exception. I love Sesame Street. The gang stopped bye  to help out the docs and I was so happy. I loved when Grover and Elmo were there especially.  The first episode was definitely funny that the second partly because of Ed. He is super funny and I know that the actor who plays him was cast in the Amy Poheler comedy, so we will be seeing him again soon. I love the interns, and they could hold the show next season.

Homeland Security USA:  I might be the only one, but again and again I am surprised by the things they find in the various spots around the country. My favorite part of the show, they go around the country showing something different in each one.

American Idol:  I have a problem with the producers and how they edited this show. After each day on American Idol, they show all the people who got golden tickets, but only one or two of them we actually see audition.  Of all the bad auditions, why can’t they show the ten good ones. Please. On the brighter side, the good auditions they do show, are good. I really enjoyed the girl at the end who sang “Bubbly.”  She reminds me of my absolute favorite Brooke White from last year. Hope to see her succeed!


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