Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night had me deciding to stop watching the most cheesiest show/miniseries ever. The Last Templar. I am sorry, but that was not good. But, there was a lot of good TV, and here is the lowdown…

Trust Me:  I will watch again. That is my decision. I thought that this new dramedy about a ad agency was a fun ride, that had its bumps. First of all, I really liked Monica Potter in this, she has not been my favorite in everything, but in this project she is funny. I loved all the guest stars in the agency, and the duo of Erik McCormack and Tom Cavanugh were good, not great. I was disappointed to find Sarah Clarke in only one season for one line in the pilot. I need more Sarah. The story was good and faced pace, and I think they can do a lot with it. Overall, it has potential!



24:  I love 24. That is the bottom line. This season is on fire, with action, relashonshps, conflicts, and the most important the story! I love the FBI group (who were mostly absent this hour) and the Chloe/Bill tag team. I am glad that Renee is not dead and can live to join Jack/Tony and not the FBI. Renee is more out-of-the-box like Jack and is not for the FBI. One of the best storylines this week was the First Gentlemen. They have found a way to utilize the spouse in a really great way. Now it is up to him to figure out how he is going to explain a dead Samantha Roth. The highlight this hour was President Taylor, she knows how to stand up to her beliefs, and stay strong. She is one President not to be reckoned with! 

The City

The City

The City:  Not much to say about this week, other than Adam and Allie. They are doomed. It is not going to last and everybody knows it. Whitney should not be getting in the middle of it, just like Olivia said. Speaking of Olivia, I am really starting to like her now. She gave the right advice to Whit and is really a great friend, tagging along to things her friends are doing that she really does not want to do.

Kyle XY:  Much better this week, much better. This episode actually had plot development. I love the Latnok guy and Kyle and him really have great scenes together. It was bound to happen, Jessi and Kyle, they are really meant for each other, but Kyle does not realize that. The best funniest story was Josh. He is having problems that all teenage boys have, and it really is fun to watch. Josh and his dad are like a team and really are fun together. One thing I hope for is that we will see the wonderful Marguerite Macintyre some more as the mom. She has always been the best part for me.


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