Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

This weekend was a busy weekend for me. I did manage to check out Flashpoint, which was a amazing emotional hour of TV, Monk, one of the best episodes in a while, and BSG, I posted my thoughts early.  I will post a recap of my thoughts in depth on these and last night’s TV in a bit, but first here are my favortie choices from tonight’s lineup….

Trust Me

Trust Me – 10/9c on TNT  TNT is at it again with original programming. This time with Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanugh as to best friends in an ad agency. This is not like Mad Men, just to make that clear, it is set in modern times. The show centers around the two, and how they work and created the ads even with there personal lives. The drama also shows the home life, including Sarah Clarke (Nina on 24), and I love her. I think this could be another hit for TNT.

The Last Templar – 9/8c on NBC  When I am writing this I have yet to see the first two hours of the miniseries. From all that I have heard, the reaction has been negative, but I love the premise and I am definitely going to check out this section of the show starring Victor Garber, Mina Sorvino, and Scott Foley.

The Closer

The Closer

The Closer – 9/8c on TNT This cop drama has been recommended to me over and over again but I have failed to watch. It is also on my catch up during the summer list. The drama returns tonight for five episodes to help launch Trust Me. This week, the unit is renamed Major Crimes Division and they investigate teen that could be related to a planned massacre. Not fun stuff.

24 – 9/8c on FOX  This season is on fire. Last week’s episode was an amazing episode and the silent clock ending was shocking and cool. Also, what is up with the First Gentlemen? Is he dead? What will happen? I don’t know. Tonight, we get the one o’clock hour to straighten things out.  Dubaku is getting impatient about his demands and Jack is making a plan, and hopefully a good one.

House – 8/7c on FOX  This medical drama is great, but I don’t watch. I watch House when it repeats on USA all the time, but never on FOX. I don’t know why but I just do. But you should! Tonight, Cuddy hands over her day-to-day things to Cameron, and a child is spitting blood.


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