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Quick Thoughts on 1/23/09


Justin Stephens/Sci-Fi Channel

Photograph: Justin Stephens/Sci-Fi Channel

On Friday I missed most TV but was able to catch Battlestar Galactica, but not Monk, Psych, and Flashpoint. So, as the weekend progresses I will post my thoughts on those shows, but for now here is my quick thoughts, on Battlestar Galactica from last night.


This week was definetly not as good, but a some what large margin. But that does not mean I did not like it because I did. The episode had its developments but it was lacking the fast pace that “Sometimes a Great Notion” had. This one was slow, and was mostly centered aroung the goverment which I don’t enjoy that much. There was also no mention of the final cylon except for a brief moment and also no really contact with the cylons at all. This week did have its reveal at the end though. Adama and Roslin are sleeping together and it did bring an emotional element to the show. The other reveal was that Felix is working against Adama now and for the Vice President. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. For me the most exciting part of the series is what is Starbuck, and who is Starbuck?

Now, what did you watch? BSG? Monk and Psych? Friday Night Lights? What did you think?


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