Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

After a big week of TV, the week starts to wind down with always good Friday TV. Friday television is always reliable in a way you can find something good. Here is my favorites on tonight…..

Battlestar Galactica – 10/9c on SciFi After last week’s packed depressing striking episode, BSG is all new tonight in the 10 episode countdown to the journey’s finale. The reveal that the final cylon is Helen Tigh was a shocker but I am sure there are more to come. I still think there are more unknown cylons out there, and maybe Starbuck is one of them. That is my biggest mystery. Tonight, Zareck is still wreaking havoc in the political sense and the cylons still want an agreement with the humans.

Flashpoint – 9/8c on CBS  This show is so compelling. The emotional aspect of the situations are raw and very strong. I love how it happens essentially in real time and the team is great together. This week it is Ed’s old mentor that goes to the SRU and plans to commit suicide. Sounds like it will be pretty crazy.


Monk – 9/8c on USA  The season after two episodes has been good. Last week’s hour with Bradley Whitford was great and he was hysterical. Tonight, another neighbor of Monk’s befriends him. In previous episodes, he has become smitten with a women and it is happening again. This time he does actually have suspicions of her motives in relation to a murder.


Psych – 10/9c on USA  I don’t know. I did not watch last week’s episode because I wasn’t going to get to it and I don’t know if I will ever get to Psych. I love it when I see it I just don’t care when I miss it and I feel bad because I know people in the blogging world love it. I will try to catch it at 1o/9c when the duo investigates arsons.

What else…..Friday Night Lights – 9/8c on NBC  What did everybody think of last week? Was it what you were hoping for? For the females, was it good seeing Taylor Kitsch again? It is all new tonight!

20/20 – 10/9c on ABC  I love 20/20. When ever I catch it, it has great stories and I hope to this week because people in life and death situations tell there stories. Elizabeth Vargas tells us who they are.


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