Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night, the Lost premeire shocked and mad people think and pounder what that amazing two hours was all about. On Twitter, the reaction was very high, with many tweets along the lines of “OMG,” “What,” “I love LOST.” When I watched the two hours for a second time, I took some notes. Here is my take/recap. Comment and tell me what you thought.

Hour 1 – Because You Left (Multi Centric)

  • Thoughts on recap: the best one yet. Damon and Carlton are so funny and stupid. Fun stuff and a great start-up for the premiere.
  • Another opening like Season 2 (the hatch and Desmond), and Season 3 (Juliet and plane crash with book club), this time it is Marvin Candle, on the island (record skipping, is a symbol to the island skipping in time!), he goes down to the Orchid and they find the donkey wheel. So the island has powers for time travel. Okay. Daniel Faraday is on the island in Dharma times. Okay. This is oviously from a flash that happens.
  • Two things the Doc said were important. “There are rules” and “God help us all” both are very important to the overall story and are repeated throughout the series.
  • Jack and Ben! Are they the new team? I love how Ben can say anything and someone will trust him.
  • During the show I thought about that both groups are doing things blind. The O6 does not know about the island happenings, and the island folks do not know about the O6 originally.
  • Rose! Bernard! I love them (I have meet them, so nice!) and Frogurt! Frogurt is a red shirt that was heard but not seen except for mobisodes. He is ever wearing a red shirt.
  • Flashes start. I wonder when they stop. Does this mean that when the 815er’s crashed they were just in between a flash, or did the wheel just ignite them again and how do they stop?
  • Kate in Season 5. Man, Aaron has gotten cute. Who hired the lawyers? My bet Claire’s mom Carole. Makes the most sense.
  • Women must love this, Sawyer is shirtless the entire first hour and some of the second. 
  • We see Ethan again, he always look scary but I think that is the actor.
  • The new romance prediction for Season 5: Juliet & Sawyer bound to happen. Now it is a love square.
  • Now onto Sun! Yunjin Kim is just amazing. Amazing actress. She is badass Sun this year, and her and Charles Widmore are awesome together, and will they kill Ben Linus? I suspect a great confrontation coming up? Charles is going to have some big reveals coming up, especially in hour 3.
  • Sayid and Hurley are also a great team, and Sayid kicks butt. I do feel sorry for Hurley though. Always in the wrong place and the wrong time. 
  • Hatch is back. I miss the hatch it was a highlight of the sometimes grim Season 2. Juliet seems to know everything, but not as much as Faraday. So he is a Dharma buff! 
  • Bad sign for Charlotte, nose bleed. You know what that means, she needs a constant and fast!
  • So how old is Richard? You will learn more next week. At TCA last week, Darlton said that Richard will be around to the end, and when Nester Carbonell freed up his schedule, they grabbed him.
  • Finally, my favorite couple and the most important of the series. Desmond and Penny. Desmond is special, he is the only one that exists in both places and both times. He has a lot of work to do and Penny does not like it. He needs to go to Oxford, now!

Hour 2 – The Lie (Hurley Centric)

  • Frank is back! I love Frank and hope he actually returns in a scene that takes place off the boat.
  • Awww, Hurley. You are never heard. Sometimes the others need to be a little nicer.
  • “Libby says hi” says Ana Lucia. Awesome line. Ana returns as a ghost and she was actually good this time. Makes me remember that amazing scene for her death.
  • Rose should learn to trust Bernard. He can do a lot more than she thinks.
  • How can Faraday calculate a new bearing when they don’t know when they are going to flash?
  • Hurley hearts shitzus!
  • Finally, thank you Ben for flushing the pills.
  • Cheech is back and he is watching Nikki’s Expose!
  • When Sayid kills three, that is a lot better than Hurley. Haha.
  • I am actually stating to think that Kate is a good mom, and Sun looks good and ruthless.
  • The actress that plays Jill is cool. It seems Ben has people of the island because of Others that were not on the island when it flashed. Great asset.
  • Theory about Charlotte. She is having nose bleeds because at certain jumps, she is on the island when her younger self is too, and there can’t be two Charlottes at the same time, so one has to die.
  • Sem-spoiler: No one thinks Jin is dead.
  • Hurley’s mom is so funny and so self-centered.
  • Hurley’s series recap was the best part!! When you say it that way it does sound weird.
  • No Juliet, you need your hands! Who are those guys, and what do they want? You will find out in the opening minutes next week. 
  • Hurley mada a huge mistake. How are they going to bust him out? Not his best move.
  • MRS. HAWKING. Frak yea! Finally the all knowing has returned and she has the event window for going back and it is only 70 hours. That means they should be back by episode 6 or 7! Theory: She is Faraday’s mom!

Next week, all about the island folk!


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