Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night had some great TV. Here is my take….

Ari Graynor

Ari Graynor

Fringe: I am in the minority when it comes to Fringe, at least in the TV blogging world. Most people complain about why should I care about this show and especially the characters, and I do agree to some extent, but I really love it. I love the story, I love the look of the show, and I love how individual the show is. The cases are original, and they are fun. Tonight’s episode started with Olivia’s abduction, and she quickly got out and was off to her usually self. I am glad the mystery that rolled over is over and its ending was satisfying. Also in the episode we got a peak of her normal life. Ari Graynor started her guest stint as Olivia’s sister and she has a daughter. The story will continue over for a couple episodes and I am excited to see where it will go.

90210: Overall, a good episode. I really love all the Adrianna pregnant stuff and it is really raw and interesting. The Annie stuff I could care less about and I am actually happy that Silver and Dixon broke up. They are not meant for each other and there relationships is weird. Finally Ryan returned and he is not myself, I hope he becomes more upbeat in the coming episodes. Right now, 90210 is just okay and it needs to get better if I will stick around.

American Idol: I am also in the minority here but I am really liking this season. I love Kara, all the judges are better this season about giving real critiques. I think more people will care when they actually get to vote but the auditions haven’t been bad. I like how they are an hour instead of the super long two hours. My favorite in San Francisco was definitely Adam Lambert, he is a good singer, good looking, and fun to be around and he could be the next David Cook. Only time will tell.

Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Privileged: It was okay this week, about the same as 90210.  I love all the reaction with Megan and everybody other than her family. The family drama is growing old, and it is starting to lose the original appeal of the show. A sweet, charming show that is about the relationships of friends, and a job. I don’t not like the family, but the mom drama is old. It was great to see Steven Culp as Will’s dad, and his mom is a familiar actress too. I hope Megan did not ruin the chance of seeing them again. This show I still love, just be careful Privileged.

Leverage: Loved this episode. It was funny, thanks Parker, it was serious, and it had a great guest star, Sarah Rue! The episode was almost all on the plane and it actually played out good. It gave it a sense of urgency to the hour, and it did not fell boring. Hardisan was also really good. He was by himself for the episode and he made the most of it. He also has a great sense of humor. My favorite Leverage episode at least for a couple weeks and TNT is on a roll these days..


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