Watching Way Too Much TV For You!


That is what this day is about, and should be about. This his a historic day for everybody, male or female, gay or straight, republican or democrat, every race, and every person. I don’t want this site to be about politics, so I will stick to TV. But on one last point, CNN is doing something called “The Moment,” they want you to submit all your pictures of inauguration where ever you are, and send them to Back on point, the networks still thought you would be watching shows tonight, so they did offer a lot of options for your choosing. Here is what you should watch….. 



Fringe – 9/8c on FOX  One of my top shows from last year with more wild, crazy, insane goodness. After the cliffhanger in the beginning of December, I have been super anxious for the return. EP JJ Abrams has said this is more like a second season, then the a continuation of the first. Tonight’s hour revolves around the abduction of Olivia, and her sister (Ari Graynor) roles up to crash with her in Boston.

American Idol – 8/7c on FOX  The auditions continue tonight, but only for an hour! I think they are much more effective when they have limited time to show all the bad people and have to get to the good ones. I hope Kara has another fight with the others, because she sure is feisty.

90210 – 8/7c on The CW Guess who is back tonight? Ty (Adam Gregory) is back and he is auditioning for another play. Plus, I think he has another connection to another certain person, who has some shocking news lately. Also, Jennie Garth continues as Kelly Taylor.

Priviliged – 9/8c on The CW  I have great news for Privileged fans! Kathy Griffin is guesting on the season finale. While the run up to the finale has started this week is all about the fallout of Megan’s mom leaving town, and Pete Wentz guests as himself when a photo of Rose and him shows up.



Leverage – 10/9c on TNT  The highly entertaining crime drama with a twist is new again, but set in a very new place. They are up in the sky. Tonight’s episode is about a problem on a plane while the team is on it and they are the best bet to calm the problem.


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