Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

It was a busy Monday for me, but I did manage to watch some of my favorite shows. Here are some of my thoughts……




24:  Loved it! This hour had so many surprises, I could not believe it. First, the First Gentlemen being paralyzed. Second, Sean and Erica are together, when he has a wife. Finally, the shockingly scary and disturbing ending that had Agent Walker being buried Alive by Jack and Tony. The 8th hour has been great for one reason. Its back to the basics approach and that being, a terrorist threat, lying to the government, and it having problems, and Jack saying “this is are only lead.” I also have loved the female Jack, Renee Walker, they make such a great team, I hope they are back together in no time. One complaint for the hour, no Chloe and Bill. I have a feeling 1PM will be even better!

Kyle XY:  Didn’t like it. That is it. The episode was just a Kyle and Amanda chase that wasn’t interesting. I liked the plot developments for Jessi and Kyle’s mom, but that was it other than Latnok. Hope next week is better.

How I Met Your Mother/The Big Bang Theory:  Big Bang Theory is still my favorite comedy right now. It is the show that shouldn’t be funny, but it is. The characters are individuals, with them each bringing there own qualities. Sheldon was once again the star of the day, and I love how he thinks math is factored into everything and he also has a way of insulting people without him knowing he is doing it. Now onto How I Met Your Mother. Loved the episode, maybe not the best was still good. Loved the three time lines, and the Lily and Marshall story was great. The show is in top form this year.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl:  GG is in top form this year, and I feel bad that it is in such a rough time slot. This week was an emotional thrill ride and I liked some not others. I don’t like Dan and Serena, they are not “the” couple and they don’t need to be. I feel the show prides it self on this couple and it shouldn’t. They are meant for other people and someone needs to come in an be there love! I loved Blair, and I am ready for the war between her and the teacher. I think Blair needs to fight for what she wants, and I know she will be good at it.  Also in the episode, Lily got to be tough and I loved it. She is such an awesome character and I think she can be a really focal point for the show. Only time will tell where this ride will end up.


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