Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody, and I hope you enjoy your day off by watching some of your favorite shows that you have saved up on your DVR! This is a big week with the inauguration of our new president Barack Obama (!) on Tuesday, then the  premiere event of Lost! For the start of the week here our what is out there…..

Kyle XY

Kyle XY

Kyle XY – 9/8c on ABCFamily  The premiere was really great last week and the show is going in a really great direction and I am really looking forward to what is coming. Jessi’s neighbor/Latnok guy is really creepy but cool and I am sure he is going to play an intricately part in the coming 12 hours. Tonight, Kyle meets a psychic that tells him about Amanda and Lori feels the ramifications of Declan’s kiss with Hillary.

24 – 9/8c on FOX  The first four hours of the 8th hour were an action packed gem but the noon hour of the day is sure to be special. Jack Bauer finally talks, and maybe meets President Taylor about the coup in Africa, and the First Gentleman delves deeper into the mystery.

The Big Bang Theory – 8/7c on CBS  The #1 laffer for me on Mondays is new tonight and tonight Sheldon’s social awkwardness is a plus. It is the source of his formula of making friends!

How I Met Your Mother – 8:30/7:30c on CBS   My #2 laffer is all about friends as usual tonight and Barney and Ted are on a venture. They try to man the bar to try to of course meet chicks!

Gossip Girl –  8/7c on The CW  This teen soap is better than ever and I am so happy that is partically having one and half seasons in one this year, and that means it is all new. Tonight, a new teacher roles in to town played by Laura Brenkenridge and she is super young which is bound to cause some trouble. Plus, early admissions are in for Yale, do they get in?

What else….

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill – 9/8c on The CW This original WB show is in its sixth year, and people are still latching on. After six years it is rare that a television show still gets attention. My one complaint why does this show go after Gossip Girl, I think it should be Privileged.

The Bachelor – 8/7c on ABC  Anybody watching this veteran dating competition? I have heard it has been a great year. Tonight, the ladies visit the Keep-a-Breast Foundation and some girls get one on one dates with Jason.

True Beauty – 10/9c on ABC  Has anybody been watching this sleazy reality show? I gave up after the first episode, and I was wondering if it has got any better?


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