Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Sunday was a night of momentous accomplishments, trial and error, partying and drama, a lot of different people. Here is my take (Haven’t had a chance to watch The Mentalist yet, my review will be up shortly)….





United States of Tara:  In the series premiere of the dark comedy, we were introduced to Tara, a mom with two kids and 3 personalities. Her husband, a caring guy that has lived with this and genuinely loves Tara, and just Tara not her “alters” was a highlight of the half-hour because of the acting by John Corbett. Her two kids, the youngest is Marshall, a loving kid that loves to bake and help the family, and is in fact gay (The producers have said that his sexuality is a “matter-of-fact” and doesn’t change who he is), and Kate, a adolescent somewhat troublesome girl, who is experiment and getting herself mixed up in the wrong things. Tara also has a sister, who has lived with her her whole life and almost thinks she is making it more than it is. The show is a comedy, but you can’t help but see that sad, dark aspect to the show because this is a troubled family, but they manage to love each other none the less.

We met 2 of Tara’s personalities last night. The first was T, a 15-year-old girl that is a raunchy, care-free teenager. She loves The Hills, loves sex, loves to go behind Tara’s back. The second was Buck, a redneck male, who is so politically incorrect it is hilarious. He makes fun of the kids, but stands up for them when necessary. The United States of Tara is a welcome addition to the Sunday TV lineup, and I hope you saw what great potential it has.

Desperate Housewives:  The 100th episode contained no new mystery developments, no soapy moments, no new characters, but it did have a look back, with old friends and a sweet, sweet story.  The episode surrounded Eli, the Wisteria Lane handyman who helps everybody. Suddenly he drops dead on Susan’s house and then it creates a look back for everybody. It was a great episode, that made us remember season one Desperate Housewives goodness.  Martha Huber, Rex Van de Camp, and Mary Alice Young were all seen and heard and I forgot how much I missed them. No new DH for three weeks, so savor this hour for a while.

Brothers & Sisters:  I don’t really know what to say about the episode. I think I really liked it but something felt weird about it and I think I know what it is. A lot of cast members were not in this episode at all or just a little. Kitty had a couple lines, Tommy and Julia were non-existent, Holly had one scene, and Scotty was gone. But I really liked what was offered. Nora and Sarah were great at the party and there humor together was great. The Greenatopia story-line is a fun and serious venture at the same time, and offers a lot of plot. The Roger/Nora relationship feels real, but I think I know it won’t last. The highlight for me was Emily Van Camp. Her portrayal as Rebecca has always been fun and the way she blends with the Walkers is spectacular. I have a feeling that her character along with Holly will be front an center when the new episodes start airing in three weeks because both her dad David Caplan (Ken Olin) and the new son Ryan (Luke Grimes) show up!

The Mentalist:  With this special after football airing, this shows that CBS is fully confidant that The Mentalist is there next successful show, and if the ratings are any indication they are right. This episode was great as usually and showed of Jane’s special tricks really well. The case as usual was good and actually had me guessing for a bit. The paint lady I thought was actually the actress that played Linda on Still Standing, but it wasn’t. One problem what kind of name is AP, was he named after the Associated Press. Well anyway, just another good episode.


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