Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night we said goodbye to a legend, here is my view on the night…..


William Peterson

William Peterson

CSI:  I cried, I cried because the end of this farewell episode was so unexpected, raw, touching, and what fans have been waiting for, for a long time.  Besides the final 5 minutes, the rest of the episode was really great. The case was so terrifying, disgusting, and interesting, you almost forgot it was the last episode for Grissom. I really like when they do two episode cases because you get more invested in the case. This was a momentous episode and it really delivered, and I think it was also a great launching point for the rest of the series.

Private Practice:  I cried because of this show too! This episode was so sad and touching, it was amazing. If anybody gave up on this show, watch again! It is so amazing, it balances the amazing cases and clients, with the relationships of the clients. The cases they have are so amazing, and tonight with the dad, the daughter, and the son not being together, and the lesbian mother with the son and her girlfriend was so charming. I love Private Practice!

The Office:  This ‘duel’ episode was awesome. It is what a Office episode should be wild, ridiculous antics in the workplace. I loved the Dwight-Angela-Andy love triangle, and it came to a momentous end tonight.  Angela is the most politically wrong, selfish 

character, but I love her. She wants everything, but gives nothing. Andy has true intentions, and is genuine. Finally, Dwight was in it for the sex, and he is just the extra guy.  Michael was out of the office for most of the hour and I didn’t miss him that much which is weird. I loved his story about Kevin’s shirt in NYC. This was a great episode and here is to a great Office year.

30 Rock:  I don’t have that much to say about this half-hour other than I liked it. It was funny , and interesting. I loved Dr. Spaceman, and when he asked Liz to dance that was hilarious. What was the point? Another solid 30 Rock episode, and no wonder it just got renewed.


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