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Great Casting for HIMYM

I love this casting scoop from EW! Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show) is joining the gang in New York for 5 episodes are a future love intrest for Ted! Could she be the mother or just be another Sarah Chalke?

The scoop from Michael Ausiello:


Maybe this time we’re really going to meet the mother on How I Met Your MotherThat ’70s Show leading lady Laura Prepon has signed on to play Ted’s once (and future) girlfriend in five episodes, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Mind you, if the October Road escapee’s character, Karen, does turn out to be our hero’s future missus, she’ll be a far cry from Sarah Chalke’s Little Miss Perfect. Prepon’s alter ego — Ted’s squeeze through high school, college and then some — is said to be as snooty as she is beautiful, and notorious for cheating on her lovers to avoid having to explain why she’s dumping them.

Thoughts? Mine are 1) This for sure sounds like a fun character for Prepon, 2) She’ll fit right in with the Mother gang, and 3) Okay, now I’ve lost count. So spill: Would you love it or hate it if the show was pulling a fast one and Prepon was the Mother-to-be? (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)


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