Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

My take on the Wednesday’s TV…….

Damages:  This show is tremendously interesting and well made. The show keeps you guessing with all the twists and turns, the characters, the plot, and tonight was no exception. The great thing about Damages is that each episode is packed, it is like 4 episodes of a regular drama. In this second hour, we were introduced to the very shady Claire Maddox, played by series regular Marcia Gay Harden, and she even had twists and turns in her first hour. The Ellen vs Patty thing was  a back seat tonight to some degree with the failed attempt of catching Tom breaking the law. I think in the end Ellen will still be with Patty and go against the FBI but that is just me. This show keeps me guessing and I can’t wait for next Wednesday (also this show is awesome in HD)!





Real World:  I really love this season. The stories, the issues these roommates discuss is really great. I love how the gay lifestyle and transgender issues are front-and-center but I am also surprised how little Chet and Ryan how been confronted with this. I love JD, he is such a kind and caring person so far, but I know that we will see his dark side, we saw a little toward the end. I also love Baya, she is so innocent and fun! This is great show and this is the season to get back in it.

90210:  This show is starting to get better and better with every episode.  Last night the episode surrounded on new events that weren’t planned. The first the new car for the kids by Tabitha created conflict with Deb and then Annie’s rendezvous to Palm Springs that started as Tabitha’s idea. I loved the scene with the parents in the car when Annie and Ethan are leaving. Also, the episode focused on Adrianna’s revelation to both Navid and Naomi. I was really hoping the Navid/Adrianna relationship would continue but all in good time. The latter story-line is by far the most interesting and I hope the show will take a more powerful turn.

American Idol:  I watched this set of auditions off and on and from what I saw this season might be really good and it seems like it will be a girl’s year. Not that many great guys this year from what I have seen.

Old Christine

Old Christine



The New Adventures of Old Christine:  This sitcom is so funny. Julia is Christine and that is what makes it so great. The familiar gag of making adults act like high schoolers still worked yesterday even if it is so cliche. Christine always acts like a kid and tonight is no exception. I loved when she was writing stuff on the bathroom wall then got caught, and then went to the principal. The episode was noticeably light on my absolute favorite Wanda Sykes and I hope next week she is back on full force.


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