Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night, was all about the teen drama, and the fun auditions, plus some crack-downs, beat-downs, and the docs!  But unfortunately, my DVR broke and did not record Homeland, 90210, Privilged, and The Mentalist. 90210 replays tonight so I will watch it then, I have watch everything else online and my reviews are up!

Scrubs:  Funny, Funny stuff. I love this show brings in wild and crazy side docs just to mess with out favorite docs.  Courtney Cox is awesome and I am really looking forward to her role near the season finale. The news however was not that good of the show. The show against American Idol only got 4.08 million viewers, that is over 2 million less than last week. Not good! Lets hope more people come back to the show!

Leverage:  The premise of the heist each week showcase how funny and great this show is. The wedding job was great and I love how they leave how they do some stuff until the very end so we are surprised. I loved Parker this week because she was out of her element, that is when she rocks. One of the best parts for me was first seeing Nicole Sullivan because I love her and the little stint that 2 members did in the FBI truck great scene!

American Idol:  For me, American Idol is usually not my cup of tea until the Top 24 (or Top 36 this year), but I decided to tune in tonight purely for Kara DiGuardio and boy was that fun. There was of course great auditions (a couple of the young teens), and bad (everything else), and there was judging blow-ups. I loved the bikini girl fight, and I think this could be a revamp for the aging show.

The Mentalist: A great episode that the case really showcased the mentalist side of Jane. That really all I have to say. Remember, there is all new special episode of The Mentalist on Sunday after the AFC Championship Game on CBS.

Homeland Security USA: I might just be ignorant but I never thought this kind of stuff happened to this degree.  The man with the skull was just weird and I think he was just an unlucky guy that was just stupid in taking a human skull. I was suprised that the officer at JFK did not know about Oxycotton. I thought that was a drug addicts take from Lost when Jack took it when he was in the flash-forward in season 3.  The real tragedy was the child-smuggling, it is real sad that people do that to a child, but this case did end up being a bust.

Privileged:  This I take it is a classic episode of Privileged. I only say that because Privileged isn’t gone but when it is after a long life, this will be a classic. It had family drama, relationships, humor, school, a lot of Megan, and a episode that changed the plot a lot. I knew Sharon Lawrence was only going to be on for a couple episodes, but I wish she didn’t have to go. I really hope she comes back soon. Dave Franco was so great as the geek boyfriend to Rose and I hope they really continue that relationships.  Sage and Luis is classic young love, and I know that will end badly but it is fun to watch her do all the wrong things for the so-called lesser class. Finally, where is Laurel (Anne Archer) has she just disappeared. On a side note, Michael Cassidy is now credited as a “Special Guest Star.”


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  1. I like to watch Gossip Girls and also Lost, becous the sexy cast lol. BTW found this site on google, searched for some anime informations.

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