Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night was a night for winners, for losers, for fighters, for family, for fame, and here are my thoughts….

Janeane Garafolo as Janis Gold

Janeane Garafolo as Janis Gold




24:  I liked it, I really liked it. From recent tweets that I had been reading that said it was not that great, I disagree. I felt it got off on the right foot and the new setting and cast is great. I think LA was getting old and they did need a change and DC is the right spot. Now maybe Jack can actually be in the same scene together instead of talking on the phone. Cherry Jones is perfect as the new Prez, and her husband I think can definitely stand on his own. You can already tell the Chief of Staff is shady just by the casting of Bob Gunton. Over at the FBI, I love Janis Gold, she is so great and can go toe-to-toe with Chloe (they both do in hour 3 and it is great) plus Renee Walker could be as ruthless as Jack if she spends enough time with him. One of the only problems I have with the show so far is the Sengala story-line intertwined with the way more interesting things happening with Jack and the FBI. It gets lost in the Tony story-line, although it does start to come together towards the end.  Tomorrow, it gets 10x better and I hope you stay along for the ride!

Desperate Housewives:   This week was kinda boring, but it did move the plot for the season along nicely. I felt that there was no really outrageous moments or really passionate moments that make this show what it was. Plus, where has Dana Delany, she has been in only a couple of episodes this year and she was only in 2 scenes this week. She is a great talent on this show and needs to be utilized. Dave is weird, he just is and helping Tom was just another sinister act to ruin him and it is so fun to watch! Like I said in the post earlier, this was a set-up episode for the big 1-0-0 next week, which hopefully will be a episode to remember and crazy Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) is back from the dead!

Brothers & Sisters:  Last night on Brothers & Sisters there was a lot going on. Sarah was in trouble with the market place, Kitty was having problems with Robert and Sarah, Kevin was stuck in the middle, and Tommy played everybody while trying to get Holly out of the business including Saul and Rebecca. I like it, this was an episode that moved everything along and was fun along the way. Next week is the last episode for a couple weeks and I am expecting someone is coming to the Walkers at the end and I think you know who that is.

The Golden Globes:  I did not watch. I did not feel it was necessary to watch something for three hours when I can just catch who won on twitter. I was happy for everybody at both Slumdog Millionaire, 30 Rock, and HBO who almost swept every single category. But there is always WTF moments like in the win of Anna Paquin for True Blood. I have seen the first couple episodes, and plan to watch the rest but Anna Paquin was not the stand out of that show. Lets just hope the Press will see the light of day next year!





Friday Night TV – Flashpoint:  On Friday, I watched the sleeper CBS summer hit Flashpoint. The drama about a Strategic Response Unit is both fun and compelling TV that most of the time has you glued. This week’s episode was no exception. It had a great story in the necklace bomb on the billionaire’s wife was great story telling. This is a great show that does not get enough credit!


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