Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

The first friday of the “new season” starts tonight and has some interesting offerings. What I will be watching are….

Flashpoint – 9/8c on CBS  This great canadian drama was a suprise hit in the summer for CBS and I could not be any happier that it has returned. This drama about the Strategic Respose Unit (SRU) is so raw and interesting that it is both scary and fun to watch. Enrico Colantoni leads the cast with the great Mary Jo Johnson as the team’s only female. Watch this sleeper hit!

Psych & Monk

Psych & Monk

Monk – 9/8c on USA  I have seen every episode from Season 1 to the last Christmas episode and I have loved it for every minutes from the days of Sharona to Natalie and her great wit. Monk is going to end next year and I think it is time for the Trudy murder to be solved and my favorite episodes, like last seasons finale, that focus on the Trudy murder. That is the reason this character exists and how he should end. Tonight, Paul Zahn guests as Monk’s half brother who needs Monk’s help after he busts out of prison.


Psych – 10/9c on USA  This quirky USA dramady is back and Shawn and Gus are still going at it. Tonight, Sea Lions spark Shawn’s fake psychic sense!

The rest….

  Deal or No Deal’s host and comedian Howie Mandel hosts this candid camera show where he puts people in awkward situations that they think is real. This could be a hit, but it is not for me.


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