Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

My reviews from last night…..

Private Practice; ABC

Private Practice; ABC


Private Practice:  This show has grown on me so much. It came from being just the over sexed medical drama that spawned from Grey’s. Now it has become a serious, adult medical drama. The show is now more about the cases of the week, that each week continue to hit the depths of controversy but amaze me. The hour continues to have its relationship story-lines, but even those have become more adult like, and not like teen love. The cases this week were great, and I nearly cried when the kid died at the end and the mother was holding him in her arms. I love Jay Harrington’s Wyatt (he is even better in his new ABC comedy Better off Ted) and his relationship with both Addison and Naomi is great. The story I feel is even better is Dell’s. He is fighting for custody of his daughter with a former druggie and I love how he tries to take the high road at every turn, way to go!

30 Rock:  This week’s 30 Rock was great but I don’t really have much to say about it. I loved the Janis Joplin story and the song at the end was great! It is always good to see Sherri Shepard as Tracy’s wife, and Liz’s faults make her who she is especially this week. She tries so hard, and some times she doesn’t get much in return, but it is the effort that counts.


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