Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

BravoLast Night there were to completely different kinds of shows on and they are both sublime. Damages was mind blowing and Top Chef was so much fun and the twist at the end was awesome!

Top Chef:  This week’s episode marked the introduction of a new permeant judge to take the spot vacated by Gail Simmons wedding extravaganza. His name is Toby Young. He is a fowl mouth, super critically, brilliant judge, that makes the best/weird analogies about pop culture and the contestants dish.

This week’s episode quick-fire was that of trying to create a dish/desert that is low in calories. The dishes looked great but there was some low points including my favorite Carla. Carla was featured very heavily in this episode which makes you think will she be eliminated in the double elimination. The main challenge was to just cook dinner. That is it except it will be blind. This was because the show wanted to introduce Toby to the contestants with there food. A great idea! The challenge and the food was good but it was the judging at the table and at the end of the episode that was the best! Toby’s comments including comparing a dish to Tom Cruise’s cameo Tropic Thunder was awesome. In the end in a surprise elimination, Carla was left safe, and Eugene and Melissa packed their knifes and left the kitchen.

Damages:  WTF, WTF! This show blows my mind, makes me think, makes me wonder, makes me love TV! I love this show, it is so original, provactive, and some of the best acting of almost any show. The premiere was all about lies and revenge, which I think that theme will continue the rest of Season 2. The season started out just like Season 1, 6 months in the future, and we don’t know what has happened. This time however we see Ellen, talking to a person we don’t see and saying that they are there alone. The episode was all over place, it was very much all set up. We get introduced to Mr. Parcell played by William Hurt who is having problems with someone, played by Lost‘s Goodwin, Brent Cullen. The main story in the premiere is that Patty is introducing a foundation and her troubles with that. In the end, Patty sits down with Ellen, who is wearing a wire, and tells her about her dead daughter and that the break-in was meant for her, but Ellen thinks it is lies. Is it or isn’t it? This is a show to watch, and it will be one hell of a ride!


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