Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night there was stabbing, curiosity, mommy troubles, revenge, and innocence. I watched a few things, but what did you watch? Did you check out the great Homeland Security USA & Scrubs on ABC? Check out The Mentalist like me? Or did you sit down to the CW with 90210 and the sweet Privileged that warms my heart?

Leverage:  This week Leverage had everything: a fake movie, some bad accents, orphans, and some funny lines. I loved it. This show has really grown on me and I find that every week the show finds a way to change it up. This week it was about getting a kid back from Belgrade and in the process of the heist, they had to do things they originally did not want to do.  In order to get the kid back they had to create a fake movie and use Sophie as the actress and she was actually good at acting! I find it hilarious that she can’t act when it is not part of a job, but when it is she can’t to great. The ending was great especially with the fake death of Beth Riesgraf. Plus, this show is great in HD!

90210: The best part of this week’s 90210 was of course Brenda & Kelly. They are by far the most interesting and their character dynamic is so great. Plus, I hate how Naomi has to be so annoying and I really can’t stand watching her. I find the acting by Shanae Grimes to be off and on, sometimes it is not that bad, sometimes it is. One of the real hidden gems on this show is Lori Loughlin. I loved her in Full House and more recently Summerland. She is so real and I love the mom she plays, fun but serious.
The best part about 90210 and enough reason to watch it on its own is Jessica Lowndes. Her portrayal of Adrianna was so genuine that it made me think for a second this was a real story. Especially the story line that she was handed this week, with the revelation that she is pregnant with a users baby is such a gift for this really talented young actress. Bravo, to a great character and actress.

The Mentalist: I love this show! Period. It so fun and it is a procedural and that is why it is hard to recap, so I will just tell you why it is so good. Its not all because of Simon Baker’s great performance as Patrick Jane, it falls partially on the great supporting cast. I love Robin Tunney as Lisbon with her witty responses and her underlying admiration for Jane. I also like Amanda Righetti as Van Belt with her childlike love for Patrick and his cool tricks. This is a a procedural worth watching and with 16 million viewers watching, I can already see you are.

Privileged: This might be the most innocent show, that is so charming I can’t get enough. Joanna Garcia as Megan maybe the most perfect, wonderful casting ever, and her acting is spot on. In last night episode, Sharon Lawerence as Megan’s mom Shelly decide to act like she wasn’t gone for her childhood and it created problems with Megan to the point that they aren’t talking. This story is happening to so many people and love that is being developed here. This was a big Marco episode and we were do for one. He is pondering maybe he should leave the mansion to pursue his own cafe and his boyfriend Keith (who hasn’t been seen, but was in the original script for the pilot), who ended up being a bad influence. This show is amazing and is a real hidden gem in the primetime TV world!

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