Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Tonight, it is back and by it I mean Damages! I will be watching….

Damages – 10/9c on FX  The suburb drama begins for the second season with an all-star cast. Returning the brilliant Glenn Glose, Rose Byrne, Tate Donavan, and Ted Danson, with new additions William Hurt, the scary but good Timothy Olyphant, and Marcia Gay Harden. This show is brilliant on so many levels and I can’t obtain my excitement. If you missed on the first season, FX has a great catch up on their website. This season, Ellen tries to ruin Patty and William Hurt is a client that may cause trouble in Patty’s life.
Top Chef: New York – 10/9c on Bravo It is back. This is just a joy to watch every week and it is coming back tonight with a new judge. Toby Young replaces Gail Simmons while she is on leave after getting married and from the look of it he is tough and is giving a double elimination. Lets hope Carla stays in, she is such a hoot!
Law & Order – 10/9c on NBC  I love the original and the ADA’s are so good. This is a guilty pleasure of mine and I think you should be watching. Tonight, 
Other worth noting…..

13: The Fear is Real – 8/7c on The CW For you horror fans, here is a show for you. 13 is a horror reality series about 13 young adults that venture into the forest and stuff happens. From what I heard that stuff is more funny than scary.

People’s Choice Awards – 9/8c on CBS  Queen Latifah hosts the 35th event that honors all entertainment as voted by the people.
Patrick Swayze: The Truth – 10/9c on ABC Barbara Walters interviews the iconic Patrick Swayze about life, his battle with cancer, and his new A&E show The Beast.
Real World: Brooklyn – 10/9c on MTV The 21st installment of the “first” reality show begins, and I might actually check it out because it has a wide range of people and a good local.

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