Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night there was trashiness, betrayal, a lot of New York City, and some arrogance. All you need for a good night in TV world. I watched Gossip Girl, which hasn’t suffered a sophomore slump and is better than ever, True Beauty, a new beauty competition that is one of the guiltiest of guiltiest pleasures, and finally The City, which is getting better and better.

Gossip Girl: This episode had everything. Every character almost had developments and the drama was revamped. This episode was more a set-up episode with story-lines started just enough to spark interest. First for Jenny it was back-to-school. She finally returns to Constance after her adult stage and I have been waiting for this for a while. She goes around with the wonderful Eric, trying to mess up Blair’s underlings. For Dan it was all about Serena. After Serena finally broke up with the weird stocker Aaron in South America, she returns and wants Dan back and he is more than welcoming. For me, I have mixed feelings about the pairing. I like how sweet they are together, but I don’t like that in the original books this couple was never meant to be more than a fling.

The episode was mostly focused on Chuck and his downward spiral. Blair really cares about Chuck and hopes he gets better. We find out that he was off shacking it up in other part of the world and comes back with his uncle. The uncle was an amusing character and reminded me of Chuck. Once back at school Chuck gets caught smoking and it is Blair that wants to deal with it. I think that Blair can be a great influence for Chuck if Blair can be a little less out of control herself sometimes.

The main draw for me about this episode was Lily & Rufus. They are the true couple of this show I feel and love the acting that both Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle give in there scenes. As we found out before Lily had a kid with Rufus that he did not know about and she gave it up for adoption. This boy is driving Rufus crazy and Lily is mad that even knows. I am excited to see where this stroy goes and I hope it is part of the main story for the rest of the season.

True Beauty: This show has some of the most arrogant, selfish and self-absorbed people I have ever seen (I am sure some of that is for the show). I was very reluctant to watch this but decided to check it out, and I didn’t like it but couldn’t bring my self to stop watching. There is something so trashy and fun about watching people being judged on both their inner and outer beauty and being so vein. I haven’t made up my mind about next week, but I do know that the right person went home.

The City: The City’s third episode was great. I love how Whitney did not listen to the creepy Olivia about her apartment search and went for the beautiful spot she saw first that Jay picked out. I love how this show really shows of New York and love seeing spots that I have been too on my travels. This show is starting to grow and I think will have a long life it people find it and latch on like The Hills. I really like Erin, I think she is fun, smart, and a great companion for Whitney. I hope the show shows her life even more in the remaining ten episodes.

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