Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

When NBC gives up it’s 10 a clock slot for Monday thru Friday next fall it will have five less hours to program. That means five less hours for scripted TV. So, I don’t get this news that they are going to launch (maybe) another new show this winter besides the couple they are already going to do. ‘Police’ does have some good actors but is that good enough.

From Hollywood Reporter:

NBC is looking to keep a John Wells-branded drama on the air after the March finale of “ER” with an offer for an episodic order to Wells’ new cop drama pilot “Police” (formerly “LAPD”).

NBC is in heavy talks with Warner Bros. TV, which produces “Police” with studio-based John Wells Prods., for a possible midseason pickup.

There have been several major obstacles to making a deal, the main of which is the future of NBC’s 10 p.m. slots, longtime home of drama series. With the network’s recent announcement that it will strip a comedy talk show hosted by Jay Leno in the time period beginning in September, it is not clear whether NBC would need “Police” beyond May.

Also in question is the size of the order, with 12 episodes said to be the more likely but a short, six-episode run also said to be under consideration.

The two sides are trying to hammer out a deal that would work financially for the network and the studio, and sources are hopeful that an agreement could be reached.

Ordered to pilot in June, “LAPD” is an ensemble show starring Tom Everett Scott, Regina King and Arija Bareikis that follows a group of police officers in Los Angeles. It’s exec produced by writer Ann Biderman, director Christopher Chulack and Wells.


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